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Yellow Comet is one of the five main forces of Wars World. It is featured in Super Famicom Wars, Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, and Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

Yellow Comet's forces are divided between having an aggressive doctrine (Grimm and Kanbei) while being supported by fast-hitting recon forces (Sonja and Sensei) to help ensure they get an advantage over the enemy forces.

In the original Advance Wars, Yellow Comet attacked Orange Star as they were passing through Yellow Comet's land to pursue Black Hole, thinking it was an invasion of their homeland. Even after their intent was known, attacks continued as Sonja wanted to horn the Orange Star forces before they battled Black Hole. As Black Hole is driven out of Cosmo Land, Yellow Comet joined the Allied Nations.

In Cosmo Land and Macro Land, where the first two games took place, Yellow Comet is on a group of islands on the far east of the two continents. They're also the smallest nation of the Allied Nations, but their strong army deters any outside forces from invading them.


Yellow Comet's commanding officers are:

  • Kanbei: the emperor of Yellow Comet, a noble, honorable warrior and samurai, he has increased attack and defense but his units are more expensive.
  • Sonja: a tactical and cautious CO. She has increased vision in Fog of War and her counter-attacks are much more deadly. She is also the daughter of Kenbei, has a rivalry with Lash and went to the same school as Sami.
  • Sensei: an old CO who has rejoined the Yellow Comet military after retiring from his days of glory, he's a paratrooper whose copters are stronger as well as being able to deploy many infantry. A former teacher of Kanbei and Grimm.
  • Grimm: he couldn't care less about the details, especially insignificant little things like defense. As such, his units have high attack but low defense.


  • In Super Famicom wars, Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, and Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Yellow Comet is modeled after the real-world nation of Japan.


Yellow Comet
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