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A tank being promoted to level DoRIconI.png, then DoRIconII.png, for one and two kills.

In Advance Wars: Days of Ruin units have the ability to level up. Levels are earned when a unit destroys and opponent's unit. Each unit can be leveled up thrice. The following levels in order are:

  • Level DoRIconI.png
  • Level DoRIconII.png
  • Level DoRIconV.png(Days of Ruin) or DoRIconA.png(Dark Conflict)
  • Medal DoRIconMedal.png

Two Battle Helicopters at level DoRIconI.png.

Levels DoRIconI.png, DoRIconII.png, and DoRIconV.png are earned for destroying one, two, and three units respectively. The medal DoRIconMedal.png is unique to the one unit on the field with a CO boarded. The medal provides the same bonuses as Level DoRIconV.png. Each Level provides different boosts:

  • Level DoRIconI.png: +5 Attack
  • Level DoRIconII.png: +10 Attack
  • Level DoRIconV.png: +20 Attack and Defense
  • Medal DoRIconMedal.png: +20 Attack and Defense

You can determine what the enemy is by the icon on the unit. It would be a DoRIconI.png, a DoRIconII.png, or a DoRIconV.png each representing their appropriate level.

Levels are not influenced by health or cost. A bomber destroying a 1HP infantry will level up the same as destroying a 10HP war tank.

If two units join together, the highest rank is retained.