Now this can come across as a bashfest, but honestly, the balance issues need to be brought to light, not kept hidden by people who would only want to win any way they can. And you could be tempted to accuse me of hypocrisy there, until you realize that I have annoyance with claw users on Kid Icarus Uprising's online because I *WIN* too easily. That happens because they are simply Too Dumb to Live, and think the solution to beating the alert guy who *WANTS* to close the distance is to close the distance. This was even before the reasons why claws are broken enough to not need to get past n00bish behavior to be dominant came up. The issue I have with this is how claw users think they should just do something the game already lets them do easily. That is an inappropriate way of thinking that should not be rewarded.

But who cares? Anybody who wins has the right to be an dumbhole. (Shut up about the grammar there.) After all, the loser sucks, God forbid they merely has buildup problems like bdcool213 does when he actually has the sense to stay away from guys who would wreck him in melee unless forced otherwise or can actually break through. Oh, and guess what? The "suck" players have been forced into incredibly punishable actions with NO alternatives, let's call them predictable.


Well, enough complaining there. Let's get started.

So apparently, Antipode Map is one of the more BALANCED maps. But guess what? 1P can abuse a CO Recon, and yep, it's even worse than any Recon FTA on Advance Wars By Web. Which, unfortunately, has irredeemible slimeballs who would do things like delete the Net Attack page because it's "not needed." But we're not here to talk about how sadistic those people are. We're here to talk about why the CO Recon has stupid high abuse potential.

Let's compare the AWBW Recon to the DoR Recon. The DoR Recon is actually stronger because of the following reasons:

  • COing option provides +30% ATK for 2000G extra spent on the Day after building, no other penalties and a DEF boost
  • Terrain defense is weaker (formula is /DEF rather than *(200-DEF)/100)
  • Cities are weaker (3 stars decreased to 2 stars)
  • Infantry costs more (1000G increased to 1500G)
  • Infantry takes more against Recons (70% increased to 75%)

There isn't a single reason I can think of that would make the AWBW Recon stronger. So let's see what happens.

  • When the Recon hits an enemy Infantry, damage is done and the Infantry's capture is delayed.
    • AWBW: base damage is 70%. Multiply by 7/10 and you get 49%, which is generally 5 HPs of damage. That delays the first capture by 1 Day. After that, 2 HPs of repairs to have 7 HPs, then the next capture takes 1 extra Day, and once THAT capture is done, 2 more HPs of repairs for 9 HPs, and if you're using the Infantry to keep Capturing, it will take YET ANOTHER Day before it gets back up to snuff.
      • Total: 3500G
    • Days of Ruin: base damage is 75%. I will assume a Bike is used instead because that STILL gets caught even on an early City, so base damage is 65%. Multiply by 13/12 to get 70% with rounding down. The first capture gets delayed by THREE Days, and when that's done, 2 HPs of repairs to have 5 HPs, and we have the AWBW cycle in play. In total, 6 Days of delay, 7 HPs of repairs.
      • Total: 7750G
    • Now if we assume it's the Infantry, multiply 75% by 13/12 to get 81% rounded. FOUR delay, repairs*3 (8), 3 delay, repairs (10).
      • Total: 8200G

Now you can argue Joining into the equation, but here's the thing: AWBW is LESS sensitive about early economy problems because Infantry actually are inexpensive, and yet despite infantry spam being broken enough to have maps guarding against THAT, AWBW sees fit to make maps guard against Recon rushes even without Sturm in mind simply because of the nasty momentum bite that the Recon harassment can pull, because you can't even reasonably damage it without a Light Tank or better. Days of Ruin, you're strapped for cash when it comes to infantry, and when you lose ONE guy, your economy falls apart, so if you see a Recon, you HAVE to play defense, which probably would miraculously be warranting accusations of being passive from Stop Having Fun Guys. And there's no way to shut out those accusations when they're too busy using only 1 unit to shut down your economy and building stuff to abuse that to death.

So I clearly don't know how to counter this? Well, guess what? Let me bring up EVERY single option for trying to do so. ANY infantry is bad, with Mechs being outright too slow, which not only hurts my economy but can't join combat quickly, oh I'll get to that. Light Tank I tried. I still got harassed before my Bike could reach EARLY Cities. Flare, before you suggest because it costs less, is SLOWER and can't even do anything to value combat units, which with few infantry is going to prove USELESS. And I'm easily outmaneuvered if I use Artillery.

Which brings up what happens next. Freaking. Artillery. Spam. You can get away with building almost NOTHING but Artillery, because they're so inexpensive, you can't 1HK them without excessive net attack for price, and the lack of counterattack. It gets bad enough when my economy isn't so shortchanged, but because it naturally does, I can only delay it, but the problem is that they only need to delay me because they're so cheap that money gets banked like mad. By the time I get any worthwhile attack, a Battleship is out.

The obvious solution to stop this would be to use a Rocket Launcher, but, oh right, my funds were ****ed on. I can't use a Rocket Launcher. The most expensive unit I could reasonably build would be the Medium Tank. Let's see what costs 12K or less:

  • Infantry - yeah right
  • Mech - TOO SLOW
  • Bike - only hits the infantry
  • Recon - same as Bike
  • Flare - same as Bike, but WORSE
  • APC - with my meager 2 Factories and a bad economy? *laughs*
  • AA Tank - does NOTHING useful when the Artillery don't need any infantry meatshields
  • Light/Medium Tank - can't 1HK, can't punch through that wretched line of Artillery
  • Battle Helicopter - can't 1HK, no Airports on the map, can just as easily get mocked by an AA Tank response for how expensive it is
  • Artillery - oh yeah, sure, a slow self-countering unit to counter SPAMMAGE OF THE SAME UNIT.
  • Sea units - YEAH. RIGHT!

So yes, my options downright suck. That's slippery slope at work. It's as bad as on Seven Islands, where ONE early mistake that results from INTUITIVE behavior costs you an entire match, even if you generally outperform the opponent. And yes, I bring up Seven Islands because it involves the same sea-related shenanigans: once it gets involved, you better have a working economy or you're simply not going to make any sort of comeback. On Antipode, the Battleship forces you to SPAM Gunboats in order to stop it from abusing its safety. When you're struggling to kill the Artillery AS IT IS. One Gunboat even gets deep-sixed ON THE WAY, and then the second one deals only 40% base. Sickening amounts of impunity.

And yes, Seven Islands is worth bringing up, because that showcases why navy combat is a mess. For starters, you're forced to spam Gunboats, because there is literally NOTHING ELSE BELOW 15K that provides worthwhile combat. This results in FTA from 1P being impossible to force off the center island. But that's not the only problem, oh no. If 2P leaves the south alone, 1P gets inevitable access to a Harbor. But if they don't keep the NE Factory from being taken, there goes FIVE of their own Cities. I caught onto the latter too little too late, and I could NOT reasonably end the capture attempt by a Mech because there is no way to kick the pest off once he starts. In fact, I suspect either way that one of 1P's Gunboats could sneak an infantry on there and prevent the Factory from being contested anyway.

Now let's see:

  • Gunboats, the only sub-10K navy unit, are Glass Cannons. And naturally, they have NO way to approach safely without a good support unit.
  • Cruisers, the next least expensive navy combat unit (Landers aren't combat, and they suck on Seven Islands anyway), are 16K for being moderate at best with the combat. They do at least provide Submarine sinking and meatwalling. But they cost too much to turn the tide.
  • Submarines and Battleships are simply too expensive if your economy is turned into a wreck, which happened to me on Seven Islands. But guess what? They provide slippery slope. Battleships because you can't get at without ridiculous difficulty, and Submarines because they force you to sacrifice a unit to expose them, and that's if you can even catch them with the stupid overcosted Cruiser.

I'd have far less problems if the following applied:

  • There were hovercraft units. Not only would I be able to kill land stuff, but I could approach against Gunboats safely.
  • Submarine countering wasn't so stupid difficult. Any land unit, you could disrupt with proper unit play. Battle Helicopters, you could 1HK if you got an AA Tank out when having THAT is natural for 1HKing infantry with a unit that can survive being hard countered. Bombers, you could throw off with AA Tanks or a Duster. But Submarines, once they in play, you better be willing to pay 16K to deal with them. But, oh, that's right, the Battleship can just hit your Cruiser if you even have one in play and then leave you unable to guard against Submarine attack.
  • Battleships weren't so overpowered. 10 net range for how much damage they deal to ships (base damage is a 2HK to any non-Battleship vessel) is beyond dumb. The obvious solution would be to use Gunboats, but they'll never get close enough before their attacking ability is crippled.

Seriously, why are there so many imbalances? Having a minor economy trail doesn't matter? Yeah. ****ing. Right. But why should I be surprised. The supposed best player of the game sings songs that mock dead people.

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