Wiki Me

Hi. I am TheElijah, the founder of this wiki. I'm a 'crat here. I am a fan of Advance Wars, and that is why I made a wiki about it. I go by Neoboy on the Advance Wars Net, Wars Central, and Wars World News forums, though I barely ever post there. My favorite unit is the Neotank, if anyone wanted to know. I am a forumadmin with rollback rights on the RuneScape Wiki and a co-founder/bureaucrat on the Ed, Edd n Eddy Wiki, however I'm inactive there. I am mostly active on just the RuneScape Wiki.

Advance Wars Me

When I was 10 (September of '05) I got a Nintendo DS for my birthday. I wanted to get a game, so I chose Advance Wars: Dual Strike because it looked cool. I had no idea what it was. Good thing, too, because if I knew it was a strategy game I'd have never bought it. Regardless, it's become my favorite DS game. I finally bought Advance Wars 2, and it's much, much harder that AWDS. I'm stuck in the Green Earth Normal Campaign and I haven't beaten a single mission on it yet. I've beaten both DS campaigns. I also bought Advance Wars: Days of Ruin about a week after it came out, and I was disappointed. I enjoy making custom maps with the AWS Map Editor. I'd give the download link, but I forgot it.

As of November 09, I have started playing AW again and I'm playing the first one via VisualBoy Advance.

Real life Me

I'm 14, my birthday is September 9. Here's my YouTube profile: . WARNING: If you don't feel like watching RuneScape videos, this is not the channel for you.

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