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Hey, welcome to my Userpage! My name is Suzumebachi, but you can call me Suzu if my full name takes too long to type.

About Suzumebachi

I'm a thirteen-year-old girl and going into grade eight. I play the violin as well as Advance Wars. I'm no tactical wizard, and not very fluent in Wiki coding, but I am pretty good at article-writing, spelling, and grammar.

Wiki Plans

I'm going to expand every single article that I can. I've only played Advance Wars 2 but I've read plenty about AW1 and AWDS, and a minimal amount about AW:DoR.

I'm also going to make necessary articles and complain about little articles that should be merged into something else. But, of course that's only complaining ;)

I am not going to add pictures because I don't understand the copyright thing quite yet.

Final Note

ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DO NOT COPY FLAVOR TEXT FROM THE GAMES. That is a sign of a hopeless article that doesn't say much. Also, it shows a lack of effort on the user's part =)