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Two-Week Test
Two-Week Test.png
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty ****
Term(s) Do not let Black Hole rout your forces or capture your HQ for 14 days
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Colin
Blue Moon, Player
CO 2 Lash
Black Hole, Enemy

Two-Week Test is the 11th mission of the Blue Moon Campaign.


Colin: The enemy bombards Colin! Can he hold until reinforcements arrive?


Olaf: Colin! You're in command now. Grit and I are returning to HQ to plan our continued strategy.

Colin: Yes, sir! Understood, sir! I'll guard these properties for the next 14 days.

Olaf: Mmm. No need to worry. According to our intel division, there's no chance of the enemy striking here. You're one-hundred percent safe.

Grit: But our intel division ain't the most reliable bunch of fellas. Do your best, son. We'll be back to get ya in 14 days.

Colin: I won't let you down, sir! I'm a Blue Moon CO after all!


BMSldier: Commander Colin!

Colin: Yes?

BMSldier: It's an attack! The Black Hole Army's here!

Colin: What? Just like that? Stay calm. Stay calm. Must not panic. I... must... be... strong! OK! Tighten the defenses!


Lash: Helloooooo! Is anybody home? Looks deserted! Guess I'll just capture everything.

Colin: Not so fast. These properties... are under... my protection.

Lash: Just you? Talk about easy.

Colin: Uh... Reinforcements are on their way!

Lash: Yeah, like in 14 days, right? I'll capture everything by then. C'mon, troops! Fire at will!

Colin: Keep strong, everyone! We just have to protect the HQ for 14 days!

Blue Moon / Day 8

Colin: Today's the... eighth day. Just over halfway... I've got to stay strong! I will hold out for 14 days!

Blue Moon / Day 15

Grit: Hey! You OK, son?

Colin: Grit!

Lash: Tsk! Time's up. All I'll gain now are more casualties. Guess it's time to disappear! Toodles!

Grit: Nice work, son. Holding out against a superior force that, I mean.

Colin: Commander Grit? Does this mean I'm worthy of being a commanding officer now?

Grit: What're you talkin' about? You are a grade-A certified top-of-the- line CO, son! And you can take that to the bank!

Colin: Yes, sir!