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The Creeper
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Term(s) Destroy all enemies or the Talon Gun.
Properties IconHQ.pngx1, IconCityRed.pngx12, IconFactoryRed.pngx1, IconAirportRed.pngx1
IconCityBlack.pngx3, IconFactoryBlack.pngx3, IconAirportBlack.pngx2
IconCity.pngx25, IconFactory.pngx3, IconAirport.pngx3
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 IconTasha.pngTasha
Icon12thBattalion.png12th Battalion, Player
CO 2 IconTabitha.pngTabitha
IconIDS.pngIDS, Enemy
Previous: Hope Rising
Next: Panic in the Ranks
For the virus of the same name, see Creeping Derengea.

The Creeper(Days of Ruin) or Sudden Mutation(Dark Conflict) is the 17th mission of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. It introduces the Talon Gun.


The 12th Battalion is headed for a northern village that has always been friendly towards them in the hope of resupplying there. Upon arrival however, nobody is around to greet them. Everyone decides to look for survivors regardless of what had happened. Lin then reports to Will that everyone in the village was dead while also finding traces of small-arms fire, making it seem that the villagers had killed each other.

Meanwhile inside somewhere in the village, Tabitha is complaining about how dirty the ruined village is only for Caulder to tell her to be patient as there is information to discover. He then notes that the 12th Battalion are in the central square before asking her to test out something, which she readily agrees to do.

Tasha is upset that someone is trying to kill her and radios Will that she plans to take command. Before signing off, Tasha admits to Will that she was wrong about her earlier thoughts about Brenner as an honorless killer.

Before the fighting begins, Tasha notices the a large weapon installation in the village and asks what it is, to which Isabella identifies it as a Talon Gun prototype. She explains that it was part of a weapons program that IDS started at the request of the Lazurian government, but the costs spiraled out of control and work was stopped after only a few prototypes such as the one they encountered were built.

Soon after the fighting begins, Isabella notes that the Talon Gun prototype was never fully armored and has a weak spot that if damaged enough will be sufficient to destroy it.

After destroying the Talon Gun, the IDS troops retreat and Lin states that the 12th Battalion should return to camp in order to analyze what had happened during the battle. Dr. Morris then says that he has something to tell and that he needs everyone at his mobile lab. When asked why, he provides a photo that was taken from the village's medical center. Will identifies the man as a victim of Creeping Derengea, but the effects are now different. Dr. Morris states that while viruses are capable of mutating, but this was too perfect of a change. He says that a virus needs a long incubation period and mild symptoms to thrive, but one that kills the host quickly has no chance of being passed on. Thus, he believes that Creeping Derengea is not natural at all and is in fact a biological weapon before revealing a disturbing piece of information: the victim in the picture was an adult.



IconTasha.png Tasha
Land Air Sea
IconInfantryRed.png Infantry x3 IconMediumTankRed.png Medium Tank x0 IconTCopterRed.png Transport Helicopter x1 IconGunboatRed.png Gunboat x0
IconMechRed.png Mech x1 IconWarTankRed.png War Tank x0 IconBCopterRed.png Battle Helicopter x0 IconLanderRed.png Lander x0
IconBikeRed.png Bike x0 IconArtilleryRed.png Artillery x0 IconDusterRed.png Duster x0 IconCruiserRed.png Cruiser x0
IconReconRed.png Recon x0 IconAntiTankRed.png Anti-Tank x0 IconBomberRed.png Bomber x0 IconSubmarineRed.png Submarine x0
IconFlareRed.png Flare x0 IconRocketsRed.png Rockets x1 IconFighterRed.png Fighter x0 IconCarrierRed.png Carrier x0
IconAntiAirRed.png Anti-Air x1 IconMissilesRed.png Missiles x0 IconSeaplaneRed.png Seaplane x0 IconBattleshipRed.png Battleship x0
IconTankRed.png Tank x1 IconRigRed.png Rig x1   DoRIconMedal.png  CO Unit None

Total: 9


IconTabitha.png Tabitha
Land Air Sea
IconInfantryBlackAlt.png Infantry x0 IconMediumTankBlack.png Medium Tank x0 IconTCopterBlack.png Transport Helicopter x0 IconGunboatBlack.png Gunboat x0
IconMechBlackAlt.png Mech x2 IconWarTankBlack.png War Tank x1 IconBCopterBlack.png Battle Helicopter x0 IconLanderBlack.png Lander x0
IconBikeBlackAlt.png Bike x0 IconArtilleryBlack.png Artillery x0 IconDusterBlack.png Duster x0 IconCruiserBlack.png Cruiser x0
IconReconBlack.png Recon x0 IconAntiTankBlack.png Anti-Tank x2 IconBomberBlack.png Bomber x0 IconSubmarineBlack.png Submarine x0
IconFlareBlack.png Flare x0 IconRocketsBlack.png Rockets x1 IconFighterBlack.png Fighter x0 IconCarrierBlack.png Carrier x0
IconAntiAirBlack.png Anti-Air x0 IconMissilesBlack.png Missiles x1 IconSeaplaneBlack.png Seaplane x0 IconBattleshipBlack.png Battleship x0
IconTankBlack.png Tank x1 IconRigBlack.png Rig x0   DoRIconMedal.png  CO Unit None

Total: 8


Be careful on fighting Tabitha as her CO Ability, despite 0 Zone, makes her starting unit a massive 180/180 attacker. Fortunately for you, Tasha's CO Ability for Air units has 1 square but at a nearly close 170/150, but your units will have between 150/130-170/150. Board your CO whenever you can.

While you can win this match with destroying your opponent's units, your main goal is to destroy the Talon Gun. It is possible to complete this mission in 5 days by boarding a CO on a bomber, produce to destroy the Talon Gun in 1 shot with a CO-Zoned bombers, as long as you clear the area properly.

A recommended strategy for S Rank earning is to station a Rockets in maximum range for War Tank and Anti-Tank and preparing at least two Bombers with Tasha boarding the latter. Eliminating Anti-Tank would give a clear path for the Bombers to commence its attack run by destroying Missiles with first bomber and Target Objective with second bomber.


Completing The Creeper unlocks Trial Map #4, Metro Island.

Campaign Map

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