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The Beast
Appearances Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Specialty None
Affiliation Bandit Raiders, Rubinelle (Formerly)
CO power None
Super CO power None
Power Meter None
Hits Pillaging, Murder
Misses Brenner

The Beast (Known as Drakov in the European release) is an unplayable CO from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Formerly a Rubinelle Commander, The Beast formed and lead a notable gang of bandits; Whom raided settlements and attacked innocent people.

The degradation of the land also did the same to his mind; Turning him into a bloodthirsty, ruthless leader who shows fear and anger towards foe and friend alike.


The Beast is a dark skinned, muscular man with a short beard and long, unkempt brown hair.

Tattoos mark his body and stitches dot his face and neck. He is always wearing a yellow bandana with matching armbands while large pouches hang loosely across his waist with ammo belts draped around his waist and shoulder.

He always wields a combat knife and has an M16 suspended behind him.

Role in Plot

The Beast encounters Will at the ruins of the Academy and, without question, orders his men to kill him. Unfortunately, he was driven off by the arrival of superior forces, led by Brenner.

The ravagous rogue continues his campaign of carnage by attacking villages, each time they're given a chance to re-cuperate. However, he was met once again by the 12th Independent Battalion and they push him, and his forces, back towards a disused Rubinelle base; Where he further stages attacks.

Brenner finds him holed up there and sends Will to drive the bandits off the base, which they do successfully, despite the Beast's best efforts to ambush, and take out their men.


The Beast's Theme

Wasteland Scourge

Cornered, and without any means to sustain his gang's vitality and equipment, the Beast becomes fueled by frustation from every loss and throws every man he had, at the Wolves. Unfortunately, this led to the bandits being wiped out and he flees the scene to where he encounters Caulder. The bespoken man offers the Beast a chance to enact revenge, in exchange for field data.

 The Beast agrees and is provided with troops and equipment while also being dosed by an experimental serum, that exploits the Beast's wild rage.

Renewed with man and firepower, the Beast sets out to attack the 12th Battalion once more, much to their surprise; Even with each loss, the drug leads him to burnout, waking up to a new battle each time. 

Finally, he is led to where Brenner's forces were moving into a Rubinelle Bunker and attacks them, giving little regard to the refugees caught out in the crossfire. He is finally crushed and Caulder, impatient of the Beast's incapability of overcoming the enemy, kills him off.


The Beast acts similarly to an All-Out AI and will often try and charge your forces with brute force and acts as the first true boss before moving onto the Lazurian - Rubinelle Arc. He is relatively easy to deal with, as he tries to face you head on. Controlling territory will help with containing the beast's men as well as tactically outmanuvering him. The game's tutorials and the characters' advice will help guide you as the battle ensues.