The Beast
Appearances Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Specialty None
Affiliation Bandit Raiders, Rubinelle (Formerly)
CO power None
Super CO power None
Power Meter None
Hits Pillaging, Murder
Misses Brenner

The Beast (Known as Drakov in the European release) is an unplayable CO from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. You fight him during the first few missions of the campaign. He was part of the Rubinelle Military, but became a ruthless raider after the meteor strike. He was supplied weapons by Caulder. His end comes early in the game when Caulder decides he has outlived his usefulness. He is prone to screaming whenever his forces are defeated in battle and can be observed from his behavior to be unstable and sadistic.


The Beast is a dark skinned, muscular man with a short beard and long, unkempt brown hair. He has tattoos and stitches across his face and neck. He is always shown wearing a yellow bandanna and armbands, as well as no less than two ammo bandoliers and several military issue pouches on his person. He wields a combat knife. His irises are dark red.


The Beast is the first antagonist in Days of Ruin, attempting to hunt and kill Will with his raiders shortly after Will
The Beast's Theme

The Beast's Theme

Wasteland Scourge

digs himself out of the ruins of the academy. He is thwarted by the 12th Battalion under Brenner. He also attempts to raid survivor villages and camps, but is met with and defeated by the 12th Battalion each time. Eventually, Caulder contacts the Beast, and, after injecting him with a volatile serum which increased the Beast's aggressiveness, supplies him with weapons to fight the 12th Battalion once more. The Beast is defeated yet again, and promptly left to die by an unbothered Caulder.
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