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Test of Time
Test of Time.png
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty ?
Term(s) Capture the Black Hole Lab or rout within 7 days.
Weather Clear
Fog of War Yes
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Andy
Orange Star, Player
CO 2 Flak
Black Hole, Enemy

Test of Time is the (?) mission of the Orange Star Campaign.


Andy: The enemy lab in the mountains must be captured!


BHSldier: Lord Flak! The Orange Star Army!

Flak: What? How did they find us here?!?

BHSldier: I... I don't know, sir. Maybe a map fell into their hands?

Flak: Grrrr! How long will it take to erase all of the weapon data?

BHSldier: 10... No, we should be able to do it if we have 7 days.

Flak: Well, get started! Don't let them get that intel!


Nell: Do you see that? It's a Black Hole lab. If this goes well, we might be able to seize their new weapon designs.

Andy: Nell! We're ready to advance! But... shouldn't this be Sami's mission?

Sami: No can do, Andy! I'm still gathering my troops. My last battle left me with a shortage of combat-ready soldiers. But to be honest, I'd love to try and infiltrate their base by myself.

Nell: Do you honestly think that I would approve such recklessness?

Andy: It's OK, Sami! Helping each other is what we're all about! My troops are fresh and itching to go!

Nell: Let's move out, Andy. We're in Fog of War, so let's exercise caution.

Andy: Fog of War... That's where you can't see very far, right? It's tough fighting in this gunk!

Nell: Everything will be fine. It just takes a little getting used to is all. Let's get started.

Orange Star / Day 1

Nell: As I mentioned earlier, this terrain is hidden by Fog of War. It prevents units from seeing beyond their individual vision ranges. For example, the vision range of infantry is 2 spaces, so they can see 2 spaces from the space they're deployed. Your own properties are lit up, but enemy and neutral properties aren't.

Andy: That's a recon unit. Its vision range is terrific!

Nell: With a vision of 5, recon units are indispensable in Fog of War. They also have extended movement ranges and can take on infantry and mech units with decent success. They're handy units to have around.

Andy: I can't see into those woods! What's going on?

Nell: You can't see into woods even if they're within your vision range. The only way to tell if an enemy unit is hiding there is to move to the space next to the woods. The same goes for the enemy, too. If you conceal a unit in the woods, it won't be spotted unless the enemy gets right next to it.

Andy: So battling in Fog of War's like a big game of hide-and-seek!

Nell: You know, Andy, you're right. It is. You'll also have to watch out for ambushes in Fog of War. These occur when you try to move to or through a space occupied by an enemy unit. If this happens, you'll stop moving, and you won't be able to move until the next day. There are lots of ambushes in woods, so be extra careful.

Andy: Got it!

[You select an Infantry/Mech unit.]

Nell: Infantry and mech units can do more that just capture, you know. They can increase their vision range by climbing mountains! Since we have some mountains so close by, you should test it out.

Black Hole / Day 1

Flak: Hurry up! We gotta stop their advance here.

BHSldier: Yes, sir.

Orange Star / Day 2

Sami: Andy, I have some soldiers out reconnoitering the field. According to my reports, there's an indirect-combat unit hiding in one of the 3 woods at the top of the map.

Andy: Really? OK, I got it! I'll advance carefully. Thanks a bunch, Sami!

Sami: How's the Fog of War?

Andy: It really slows things down. Strong units are useless if they can't see anything. It's tough if you don't use recon units well.

Nell: Understanding that's half the battle! The rest comes with experience. Oh yes, there's something I forgot to tell you yesterday. In addition to woods, there's one other terrain type that conceals units until you're next to it. It's reefs. Like this one here. If you're looking to take out all enemy units, don't forget to look here!

Orange Star / Day 3

Sami: I have some new intel, Andy. Somewhere in the woods near the lab is another indirect-combat unit. If you suddenly come under fire, check the woods first.

Andy: Understood! Couldn't do this without you, Sami! I'll try and hold up my end!

[After you have defeated all the enemy units / captured the enemy lab:]

BHSldier: Lord Flak... The new weapons plans have been stolen...

Flak: .........Assemble everyone in the factory.

BHSldier: In the factory... Yes, sir!

Flak: Blast!


Andy: All right! We've shut down the enemy lab!

Nell: Excellent work, in spite of difficult conditions. With these plans, we should be able to develop neotanks of our own. I think we'll have more intel on them by the time you deploy them. Anyway, congratulations! This was a great victory.

Andy: Sami's intel really helped a lot!

Sami: I just wish I could've done more.

Nell: The two of you really make a great team. Let's head for home and celebrate!

Andy: Wahoo! Let's have a BBQ!