Technique is the part of scoring determined by how well the player protects their units. For AW1/2/DS, simplifying the formula in Campaign mode, you must not lose more than about 20% (not exactly 20%).of your units that had been deployed in battle to get a perfect 100. So for 5 units that is deployed for the player in Campaign, you can only lose 1 and so on. In War Room, however, it is reduced to about 10% (again, not exactly 10%), meaning that for 10 units produced, you must not have lost more than 1.

Advance Wars 1/2/DS

Technique = M + 100 * (T - L) / T

M = Map-based Lost limit for 100 Technique T = Total Units L = Lost Units

Advance Wars Days of Ruin

Technique = (E + J) * 125 / (T + L)

T = Total Units L = Lost Units E = Enemy Total Units J = Enemy Joins

The above is averaged with 100 if it passes 100, and maxes at 150.

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