Tasha transparent
Appearances Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Specialty Air Unit attack
Affiliation 12th Battalion, Lazurian Army (Formerly)
CO power Sonic Boom
CO Zone 1
Hits Her brother John, revenge
Misses Rubinelle

Tasha (Zadia in the European version) is a CO of the Lazurian Army. She is a firey CO and makes her only appearance to date in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. She joined the Lazurian Army to avenge her brother John's death.


Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

She appears as an enemy three times in the campaign. In her first appearance, Tasha attempts to hunt down Waylon, who is saved by the 12th Battalion. She then later attacks Davis, and defends when the 12th Battalion first attacks the Lazurian Army. She then joins the 12th Battalion after Brenner sacrfices himself so the 12th Battalion and the remnants of the Lazurian Army can escape. She appears as a playable CO once, and an ally once after that.

CO powers

Normal CO power

Sonic Boom - All Air Unit's movement increases by 2.

CO Zone

She has a CO Zone of one. Her CO Zone increases the attack of Air Units (****) and their defence (**).

Her Brother

It is assumed her brother was about Will's age, because Tasha first mistakes him for her brother, John, when she first faces Will in Level 12.


Tasha's Theme

Tasha's Theme

Goddess of Revenge

In terms of her CO power and boosts she is a great combination with air units. Her massive 4-star attack boost makes for crippling Bomber attacks. However, she is only limited to Air units and starts with just 1 CO Zone. Of course, on maps dominated by air units, her huge power boost can make a big difference. She is best used offensively throughout the entire match.


  • According to Tasha in the tactics session in mission 16: "Hope rising" her hobbies include "Professing my love for the Lazurian Army and vowing revenge."
  • In the tactics session in mission 18: "Panic in the Ranks" Tasha states that she "loves fighting, old war movies, and dumpling soup."
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