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Appearances Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Specialty Very high firepower
Affiliation IDS
CO power Firestorm
CO Zone 0
Hits Breakfast in bed
Misses "Stupid Weak People"
“Belongs to the private military company IDS. A daughter of Dr. Caulder, she is extremely cruel and vindictive.

"Stupid weak people!"”

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin CO Description

Tabitha (known as Larissa in the EU version of the game) is an IDS CO. She is a daughter of Dr. Caulder and the property of IDS. She is extremely cruel and vindictive, calling her enemies "stupid and weak little people".

She is first mentioned at the end of Icy Retreat when Caulder asks "Tabitha? Can you hear me? Are you ready to play with daddy's new toy?" She is first seen in The Creeper, where she proves to be a formidable opponent. The only other times you must fight her are in Sacrificial Lamb and Lab Rats.

At the end of the game, it's mentioned by Penny that Tabitha is alive, but her whereabouts are unknown.

CO Abilities


Tabitha's Theme

Cruel Rose

CO Zone

+50% ATK and DEF to CO unit. Starting CO Zone is 0. Counterattacks do not increase the CO Zone.

CO Power

Firestorm(Days of Ruin) - Apocalypse(Dark Conflict)

  • Deals 8 damage automatically to the most expensive group of enemies in 13 tiles. Cannot kill.


As Tabitha:

  • Because she has the smallest range for CO, ensure that her CO Unit has enough firepower to inflict OHK (one-hit kills). It takes around 3 instant kills to fill her bar to at least half. Be very cautious of trying to OHK units in CO Zones as the chances of OHK'ing a unit is lower.
  • Fill up your CO power as fast and as cautiously as possible. The fastest time to max out your bar is 3 turns. Counterattack damage is not added, so bear that in mind.
  • Once you filled the bar halfway (to get 1-zone) and your opponent already knows what unit you are using, you may want to reconsider retreating or Joining/Repairing until it is filled. Losing a CO while in half bar adds more frustration and can cost you the game.
  • CO'ing a normal tank: It is almost equivalent to a War Tank and will kill any ground unit (except for normal Tanks, Med Tanks, Anti-Tanks, and War Tanks) or at least leave them to 1 to 2 HP left in full health. This can easily demolish the meatshield tactic and build your meter really fast. This strategy also forces the opposition to simply build more expensive units or artillery, placing them into near-submission. It is the best tactic to use in ground-only places when done fast.
  • In maps with air, the B-Copter CO would work wonders as a starting unit to take out the solders for quick meter power, not to mention any non-AA vehicle that costs below 10000G. It is nearly equivalent to a Bomber, except that Anti-Airs can still cripple it if you're not careful.
  • Expensive CO's like Bombers, Battleships, Rockets, and War Tanks take a lot of caution to use, but can easily OHK a majority of the units in the game.
  • Make sure you get backup units in case your CO takes enough damage. Remember, if you lose your CO unit, it can be very difficult to bounce back.
  • When bar is maxed out, learn to handle that situation well. Shall you keep your 2-range mass damage? Shall you use her CO Power and hope to place a lot of units to 1 or 2 HP, boost every unit to be superpowerful, but get rid of the range? Either tactic works.
  • During Fog of War, Tabitha shines a lot more due to not seeing a CO Zone, abuse hiding spots whenever you can and make sure your opponent does not visibly see it.

Against Tabitha:

  • Figure out what unit your opponent may place first as the CO'd unit. This is the top priority to dispatch.
  • Place massive pressure against your opponent's other units with your CO ability. This forces your opponent to detour to your CO'd unit and of course, your CO'd units will have an advantage over all units except hers.
  • Force the opponent to engage their CO Unit to your CO Zone, if applicable. If you know the CO Unit cannot OHK your units during a CO Zone, Tabitha will have a longer and harder time to reach her deadly CO Zone expansion.
  • If a normal tank is CO'd, 1 B-Copter will counter that strategy into submission. They may have an Anti-Air, but at least it pressures your opponent for some time, disabling them from OHK'ing.
  • If a B-Copter is CO'd, 1 Anti-Air Tank will deter the tactic. Be aware that the opponent can still use terrain to keep their unit safe, but also be aware that building too many AA units just to corner it invites being counterattacked by Light Tanks.
  • Use a tank to deter an early CO Anti-Air Tank. The CO Anti-Air Tank can get OHKs on terrain or zone covered infantry even after taking moderate damage. Allowed to develop, this can make it much easier for Tabitha to gain +1 Zone.
  • If they are using an expensive CO, use their spending to your advantage.
  • If the CO'd unit is ground or naval and a there is a chokepoint for that specific area, take advantage of that area to slow them down.
  • If even possible and when her CO Bar is low, trap your opponent's CO unit with the cheapest units when your opponent's CO unit is at very low health (around 1, 2, or 3 HP). This will force your opponent to either try to get back that CO and rejoin the unit if successful, force them to delete one of their units and re-spend money, or simply play the entire match without a CO unit. If it's an Air or Naval Unit, it will eventually die out due to loss of fuel. Be very careful when doing this because she can still build meter this way.
  • NEVER EVER let her max out her CO Meter! This puts you in a deadly and game-ending situation. On one scenario, she can use the range to abuse the devastating power. On the other hand, her CO Power will usually aim the most expensive area of your units or an area with the most units while her units will have beefed up stats, making it very difficult for your direct units to scratch your opponent's units without taking too much damage. If she is about to use her CO Power, either go for the CO kill as much as possible before she activates it or separate your units dramatically; you have far too much to lose when this is used compared to other COs.
  • Remember, ONLY her CO Unit does not gain bar from counterattacks. For this reason, PUNISH HER AS HARSHLY AS YOU CAN FOR EVERY KILL SHE GETS WITH THE CO UNIT! If she gets at least 4 meter with good momentum for both her CO unit and her main force, she can use the next one-hit kill to expand her zone and quite possibly get additional one-hit kills from that to increase her meter considerably while protecting her CO unit. This, of course, makes it much easier for her to have a maxed out CO meter, which she can even use to scare you into scattering your units into isolation where they get easily picked off.
  • During Fog of War battles, pay very careful attention because Tabitha is very tough to fight during Fog of War. Anticipate what unit she is going to build. Use hiding spots to make her bait that CO Unit out to respond back. Also, make sure to know where her unit is hiding because her CO Zone is 0 and hard to find.


As Tabitha

Against Tabitha


In order to unlock Tabitha as a playable commander, the player must complete Mission 25: "Lab Rats".


  • Internally, she is called "Eriza".


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