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T-Minus 15
T-Minus 15.png
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty ?
Term(s) ?
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 ?
CO 2 ?

T-Minus 15 is the (?) mission of the Blue Moon Campaign.


Olaf: Prevent the foe from firing the giant missile!


Colin: Omigosh! Commander Olaf! Look at that! It's... It's...

Olaf: What... What... What in winter's name is that?!?

Grit: It looks like a missile silo... A really big missile silo. I doubt we can just walk up and push that monster over.

Olaf: Hit it with everything we've got! No Black Hole base is a match for our might!

Grit: Do you see the size of that thing? I'm worried about you, Chief.

Colin: Wha-What should WE do?

Grit: Well, son, you and I are on intel duty. We've gotta find a way to beat that thing.


Olaf: Now that Olaf's here, your days are numbered!

Andy: I'm here to help!

Olaf: Hmph! It's Andy of Orange Star. What are you doing here?

Andy: I just told you... I'm here to help.

Olaf: Blue Moon needs no aid! We have the power to...

Andy: That's a giant missile silo. When 15 days have passed, it'll launch a missile! That missile will take out half of Blue Moon's troops in one blow.

Olaf: Madness!

Andy: That's what Nell said anyway.

Olaf: That... That's... We must stop that missile!

Andy: I'll help you! Let's stop that missile together!

Olaf: Grumble grumble... If you're going to insist, you can help!

Blue Moon / Day 2

Grit: Olaf? Can you hear me? We found a way to put the kibosh on that giant missile base.

Olaf: What was that? Are you sure?

Grit: There are 8 properties surrounding the launch tower. They're supplying the power for the base to launch the missile. If you can capture those 8 properties, the tower should be helpless. It's up to you, Frosty!

Olaf: I'll take care of this! Easier said than done... This accursed pipe is preventing my units from advancing!

Andy: If you blow up that seam, you can pass through the hole in the pipe. That's what Nell told me!

Olaf: Oh, yes... Of course! I already knew that! I thank you all the same, though.

Blue Moon / Day 7

Olaf: Mmmm... Day 7 so soon... If 15 days pass, we lose... We must hurry and capture those 8 properties.

[After you have captured the 8 properties:]

Flak: B-B-Blast it! If we could've launched this missile, we would've blown 'em all to bits!


Olaf: Yes! We've captured them all! That neutralizes the missile silo!

Andy: Wahoo! We won!

Olaf: Right! We did it! Of course, I could've done it myself. What are your plans now, whelp? If you like, I will let you continue to battle here in Blue Moon...

Andy: I'm gonna head back to Orange Star for now.

Olaf: Hm? You're leaving already?

Andy: I'll be back as soon as everyone at home's ready to go!

Olaf: Oh, is that so? Well then, see you aga... No, wait! There's no need for you to come again.