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Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Term(s) Destroy The Nest or all enemy units
Properties IconHQ.pngx1, IconCityRed.pngx15, IconFactoryRed.pngx2, IconAirportRed.pngx1
IconCityBlack.pngx10, IconFactoryBlack.pngx1, IconAirportBlack.pngx1
IconCity.pngx27, IconFactory.pngx4, IconAirport.pngx3, IconCommTower.pngx3
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 IconWill.pngWill
Icon12thBattalion.png12th Battalion, Player
CO 2 IconCaulder.pngCaulder
IconIDS.pngIDS, Enemy
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Sunrise(Days of Ruin) or Beam of Light(Dark Conflict) is the 26th and final mission of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. After completing the mission and the campaign, Caulder is unlocked as a playable commander in Free Battle (he is auto-banned from Wi-fi multiplayer).


Will engages into battle with Caulder at his main laboratory, called The Nest. Before battle, Caulder criticizes Will about his humane lessons ingrained in him, but Will rejects Caulder's immoral lessons.

During the course of the fight, he tells a little story. He says that, in his youth, cloning technology had advanced by leaps and bounds, but that there was some ethical resistance to the idea. He rejected such concerns, and decided to clone himself multiple times, and to use the clones for organ transplants and for horrible experiments. Eventually though, the clones began to resent being used in such a way. They fought back. After a brief, bloody war, only one clone survived- and he is that survivor! He is a clone, and he killed his creator.

Once the 5 cannons are destroyed, the lab will overload and destroy The Nest, killing Caulder along with it.

The Nest

Main article: The Nest



IconWill.png Will
Land Air Sea
IconInfantryRed.png Infantry x6 IconMediumTankRed.png Medium Tank x1 IconTCopterRed.png Transport Helicopter x0 IconGunboatRed.png Gunboat x0
IconMechRed.png Mech x0 IconWarTankRed.png War Tank x2 IconBCopterRed.png Battle Helicopter x0 IconLanderRed.png Lander x0
IconBikeRed.png Bike x0 IconArtilleryRed.png Artillery x0 IconDusterRed.png Duster x0 IconCruiserRed.png Cruiser x0
IconReconRed.png Recon x0 IconAntiTankRed.png Anti-Tank x1 IconBomberRed.png Bomber x1 IconSubmarineRed.png Submarine x0
IconFlareRed.png Flare x0 IconRocketsRed.png Rockets x1 IconFighterRed.png Fighter x1 IconCarrierRed.png Carrier x0
IconAntiAirRed.png Anti-Air x1 IconMissilesRed.png Missiles x1 IconSeaplaneRed.png Seaplane x0 IconBattleshipRed.png Battleship x0
IconTankRed.png Tank x0 IconRigRed.png Rig x0   DoRIconMedal.png  CO Unit IconWarTankRed.png War Tank

Total: 15


IconCaulder.png Caulder
Land Air Sea
IconInfantryBlackAlt.png Infantry x0 IconMediumTankBlack.png Medium Tank x2 IconTCopterBlack.png Transport Helicopter x0 IconGunboatBlack.png Gunboat x0
IconMechBlackAlt.png Mech x0 IconWarTankBlack.png War Tank x4 IconBCopterBlack.png Battle Helicopter x1 IconLanderBlack.png Lander x0
IconBikeBlackAlt.png Bike x0 IconArtilleryBlack.png Artillery x1 IconDusterBlack.png Duster x0 IconCruiserBlack.png Cruiser x0
IconReconBlack.png Recon x0 IconAntiTankBlack.png Anti-Tank x0 IconBomberBlack.png Bomber x0 IconSubmarineBlack.png Submarine x0
IconFlareBlack.png Flare x0 IconRocketsBlack.png Rockets x0 IconFighterBlack.png Fighter x0 IconCarrierBlack.png Carrier x0
IconAntiAirBlack.png Anti-Air x0 IconMissilesBlack.png Missiles x0 IconSeaplaneBlack.png Seaplane x0 IconBattleshipBlack.png Battleship x0
IconTankBlack.png Tank x2 IconRigBlack.png Rig x0   DoRIconMedal.png  CO Unit None

Total: 10


Your objective is to destroy all 5 cannons so that The Nest will suffer a system overload and self-destruct, taking Caulder with it and instantly ending the mission with a success.

This level must be completed as careful, but also as fast as possible. If you decide to prolong the fight, you are going to be dealing with Caulder's devastating CO Zone and would make the fight very difficult to deal with. Despite no time limit, your ideal goal is to end this mission within 5-7 days.

Lin will suggest in the Tactics Tent to effectively ignore Caulder's forces, concentrated on the east side of the map, and quickly sweep north to attack The Nest while capturing cities and production facilities rapidly with the pre-deployed Infantry. This is highly advised, as the lack of Fog of War and Caulder's CO zone effect make directly confronting his forces extremely difficult.

The cannons have 99 HP each and are vulnerable to direct attack only from one tile, the one directly below, so players must use Bombers and indirect units to deal this much damage before Caulder's units arrive to defend the cannons. Thankfully, the cannons do not repair damage.

The mortars cannot be attacked and will alternate between firing on the left and right sides of the map, starting from the left on Caulder's first turn. Therefore, keep the units on the targeted side spread out to avoid important units being damaged.

Two tiles, one on each side of the three central cannons, can produce any unit with no cost, including Seaplanes. The player cannot move on top of these tiles, but can siege or surround them to prevent Caulder from freely creating advantageous units such as Fighters and Seaplanes.


  • If one of the side turrets are destroyed and the game is saved and loaded, part of the nest above the destroyed turret will become traversable.
  • Sunrise has the largest Map Size of the campaign levels, at 25x20 for a total of 500 tiles, 25% larger than Lin's Gambit at 400 tiles.


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