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Orange star's stealth fighter.

Stealth Fighters are a type of Air Unit. They appear in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. They are able to hide themselves in a similar way as Submarines by activating stealth mode. When in stealth mode, the Stealth Fighter's fuel usage rises from 5 units to 8 units of fuel per day. This ability protects them from attacks from all units except Fighters and other Stealth Fighters. They can still be detected by any enemy unit in an adjacent square.

Stealth Fighters are like Attackers in that they can attack any units except for submerged submarines. However, their attack power is less than that of Bombers or Fighters.

Stealth Fighters in Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Stealth Fighter Information
Weapon One Ammo Range Weapon Two Special Commands
Omni-Missiles 6 1 N/A
  • Hide
Move Fuel Cost (G.) Vision
6 60 24000 4


If the player is able to clear the map of their opponents Stealth Fighters and Fighters, they can use their own Stealth Fighters in stealth mode to attack the enemy forces without taking damage. Stealth Fighters can also be used as a measure of surprise attack.

Even though Stealth Fighters burn through fuel when in stealth mode, they can be refueled by APCs, Black Boats, ending a turn on an airport, or using Jess's CO Powers. By doing this, the fighters can be kept in action indefinitely.

The best way to deploy Stealths and use them effectively is to have sufficient enough units to fight back, APCs and/or Black Boats, and enough funds to produce units. The APCs and Black Boats are used to refuel the units. Stealths, while powerful, cannot OHK any units outside of the fragile Black Bombs, so additional support is needed to keep them hidden. Minimize using Stealths to engage against direct attack units that can attack air units outside of other Stealths. They can still counterattack if the Stealth is not hidden and hit Stealths hard, especially if it an Anti-Air, which is 3 times cheaper. If you want to deal with Fighters intercepting your Stealths, counter back with the other units that can attack air units. Another reason why having sufficient amount of units available is to minimize your Stealths being trapped by cheaper units like Infantry to cause Stealths to burn enough fuel to crash.

When going against Stealths, always prepare a Fighter immediately, especially with Fog off. During Fog on, produce a Stealth no later than the first time you get hit. If you cannot produce enough Fighters at this time, your only option is to trap a Stealth with your Infantry, but this can get exhausting at high levels of play.


  • All Stealth Fighters are based on the Lockheed Martin F-117 Nighthawk. However, a small sprite of a stealth is based on Northrop-Grumman B-2 Spirit.