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Max with every skill available.

Skills are something introduced in Advance Wars Dual Strike, giving CO's benefits depending on what skills are used.

Up to a maximum of 4 skills may be used at any time, however the CO used must be Rank 4 or higher, of which can be obtained through winning battles in War Room or using the CO in the Campaign/Hard Campaign(some COs can't be used in the normal version of the campaign, namely Andy, Nell, Hachi, Drake, Olaf, Kanbei and all Black Hole CO's except Lash and Hawke).

While only 4 skills may be used at a time, getting CO's to rank 9 is most effective, as some of the best skills are at ranks 7-9, although any ranks above 9 yield no benefits except if you are going after Medals or a special look for your CO, which do not yield anything in battle.

There are also 5 Star Rank Skills that are acquired through beating the campaign and hard campaign, and those can be used even by rank 1* CO's as long as the normal/hard campaign has been beaten at least once a CO who's rank is 0 cannot use any skills at all, however at rank 1 it can use 1 skill, at rank 2 it can use 2 skills, up to rank 4, any rank above will only unlock stronger skills.

List of Skills

Rank 1:

  • Bruiser(Direct Attack +5% damage)
  • Sharpshooter(Indirect Attack +5% damage)
  • Slam Guard(Direct-fire Defense +8%)
  • Snipe Guard(Indirect-fire Defense +8%)
  • Combat Pay(Damage foes to earn cash(how much the damage = cash is unknown))
  • Luck(Random higher damage)

Rank 2:

  • APC Guard(APC defense +10%)
  • Tower Power(Com Tower effect +5%)
  • Sneaky(Dive/hide fuel cost -1)

Rank 3:

  • Teamwork(Tag CO's attack +5%)
  • Scout(Vision +1(in fog of war))
  • Mechanic(Base Repair +1)
  • Invader(Capture +1)
  • Sale Price(Production Cost -5%)

Rank 4:

  • Road Rage(Road attack +10%)
  • Ranger(Woods attack +10%)
  • Urban Fighter(City attack +10%)
  • Mountaineer(Mountain attack +10%)
  • Seamanship(Sea attack +10%)
  • Backstab(Dive/Hide attack +15%)

Rank 5:

  • APC boost(APC movement +1)
  • Missile Guard(Damage from silos -1)
  • Cannon Guard(Damage from cannons -2)
  • Star Power(Power meter fills quickly)

Rank 6:

  • Bodyguard(Tag CO's defense +10%
  • Prairie dog(Plain movement = 1)
  • Pathfinder(Woods movement = 1)
  • Stealthy(Dive/Hide fuel cost -2)
  • Gold Rush(Funds from bases +100)

Rank 7:

  • High and Dry(Attack in rain +20%)
  • Icebreaker(Attack in Snow +20%)
  • Sand Scorpion(Attack in sandstorm +20%)

Rank 8:

  • Brawler(Direct attack +8%)
  • Sniper(Indirect attack +8%)
  • Slam Shield(Direct-fire defense +12%)
  • Snipe Shield(Indirect-fire defense +12%)

Rank 9:

  • Synergy(Tag CO's attack +8%)
  • Fire Sale(Production cost -8%)

Star Rank Normal:

  • Eagle Eye(Vision +2(in fog of war))
  • Gear Head(Base repair +2)
  • Conquerer(Capture +2)

Star Rank Hard:

  • Mistwalker (Hide units during Super CO) (Mistwalker isn't active during YOUR turn of Super CO, but during your enemies turn while you recently activated Super CO: when your enemies attack, you counter attack, but with mistwalker you attack first during the counter, meaning that this can be exploitable: if you play as Colin with Super CO and a great amount of funds, you can one-hit KO the enemy without letting them damaging your units at all))
  • Soul of Hachi(Deploy in cities during Super CO(when Super CO is activated, you can imitate Hachi's Super CO: to be able to deploy ground units in cities, as long as you can afford them, however unlike Hachis Super CO, you won't get a 50% discount on units))


  • Brawler and Slam Shield will give you a net 20% boost on direct units, which is similar to Von Bolt's day to day.
  • Prairie Dog and Pathfinder are recommendable on most land maps because they allow you to get your units to the center of the board faster, as well as the attacking range of your direct units.
  • The majority of the money powers are helpful: Fire Sale, Sale Price and Gold Rush in allowing you to build stronger units in earlier turns.
  • Combat Pay is negligible since it only grants you 2% of the damage you inflict.
  • Star Power is of minimal benefit since it only adds 10% to the charge rate.
  • Luck adds up to 1 damage to your attacks, but considering it affects all of your units, it will add up to a lot of damage over the course of the game.
  • The enemy AI will often avoid attacking your units while Mistwalker is active.
  • The tag skills do not require a tag break to be active in order to utilize, but you do need two CO's. When your CO's are separated in a dual screen battle, the tag skills will not apply until the 2nd CO wins the top screen front.
  • It's generally recommended to use skills to build on your strengths rather than shore up your weaknesses. For example, giving Kindle "Urban Fighter" will let you one hit KO units more easily, clearing up the enemy's unit count.
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