Sinking Feeling
Sinking Feeling
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty 6 stars
Term(s) Destroy all 9 battleships within 17 days
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Jess
Green Earth
CO 2 Lash
Black Hole

Sinking Feeling is the (?) mission of the Green Earth Campaign.


Jess: The enemy's battleships have come in for repairs. Can they be sunk?


BHSldier: Mistress Lash, the battleships in need of repair have all been docked.

Lash: Let's get started then.

BHSldier: Before that, we'd better reply to Commander Hawke's question.

Lash: Oh, what a pain! What did he want again?

BHSldier: The estimated time on the repairs. Can they be done in 30 days?

Lash: 17 days.

BHSldier: Excuse me?

Lash: Under my brilliant direction, the repairs will take 17 days. Not 30, 17.

BHSldier: However, the workers... Can they handle that pace?

Lash: If we don't have enough manpower, we'll simply borrow some soldiers. The units sent to hide the lab map have returned, haven't they? Anyway, we'll have them done in 17 days!

BHSldier: Yes... um... OK.


Jess: We've received word the battleships have docked. Not long now.

Drake: Jess, can you pull this off with this many troops? It's still not too late for Eagle or me to provide reinforcements.

Jess: The more troops, the longer it takes to get organized. Time is of the essence here. We must attack before the repairs are done!

Drake: That's true, but... If the enemy captures that airport, they'll deploy B copters and bombers. At any rate, you're in for rough seas.

Jess: Take a look, Drake. For air units, I've got my A-airs. I'm going to bathe those battleships in artillery fire! Watch and see!

Black Hole / Day 1

Lash: What? We're under attack?! That's not fair! We're in the middle of repairs!

BHSldier: What are your orders, Mistress Lash?

Lash: What are my orders? Counterattack, you twerp!

BHSldier: So, we'll need to push back the deadline on repairs...

Lash: No way!

BHSldier: But... But... the deadline...

Lash: STOP SAYING THAT! Just do as you're told. NOW!

[If you capture the southern city in the westernmost island:]

GESldier: Commander! We found this in a property we captured...

Jess: Hm? A lab... They've been developing weapons within our borders. Since they went to the trouble, let's take the weapons along with this map. We need to let Eagle know about this. He definitely won't stand for it.

GESldier: Yes, ma'am. Understood.

Jess: These Black Hole goons really are trouble.

Black Hole / Day 1

BHSldier: Mistress Lash. We have one day remaining to finish repairs.

Lash: I know, I know. I'm busy right now. Come back later.

BHSldier: Perhaps we should rethink the deadline after all...

Lash: You're such a pest! We're almost finished! If you have enough time to keep jabbering at me, then help!

BHSldier: Yaaah! Let me go! Please!

[After you have destroyed all the battleships:]

GESldier: Commander, the enemy battleships have all been sunk.

Jess: Well done. Prepare to withdraw.

GESldier: Withdraw?

Jess: We've achieved our goal. Let's vanish before they send out more troops.

GESldier: Yes, ma'am. We'll get started right away.

Drake: Stick and move... That's just like you, Jess.

Jess: No sense getting caught up in the moment and getting your troops hurt. We seriously reduced the enemy's firepower... That's enough for now.

Drake: When you're right, you're right. I'll help get your troops out of there.


Lash: Aaaaah!!! What are you doing?! We can't fix the battleships if they're all sunk, can we?!

BHSldier: What... What should we do?

Lash: What else is there to do? We attack with all of our strength! They've made me mad, and now they're gonna pay big time!

BHSldier: Mistress Lash, that's...

Lash: Hm?

BHSldier: The enemy's gone.

Lash: What?

BHSldier: There's no sign of enemy units. It seems they've done what they set out to do and left.

Lash: You've got to be joking! They just sank my boats and took off? I... am... so... angry!!!

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