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Silo Scramble
Silo Scramble.png
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty ?
Term(s) Rout or HQ Capture
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Kanbei
Yellow Comet, Player
CO 2 Flak
Black Hole, Enemy

Silo Scramble is the first mission of the Yellow Comet Campaign.


Kanbei: Don't lose the missile silos! Secure them and launch!


Kanbei: What are the conditions in this region, Sonja? Eh? What's that? Danger! Sound the alarm!

Sonja: Oh, Father, calm down! That's no danger to us. Those are the missile silos we installed for our protection. With those, our country's self-defense network is perfect!

Kanbei: Mmmm... Attacking from afar is not my liking, but at times, it's unavoidable. While we await the enemy, instruct me in the use of these... silos.

YCSldier: Commander! We're under attack!

Kanbei: What? The enemy is here?!

Sonja: Impossible! It can't be! My intel reported no enemy troops in this region... The silos! They're unguarded! The enemy is trying to take them!

Kanbei: Don't worry, Sonja. I will go.

Sonja: But... But... What if the enemy reaches them first? You'll be...

Kanbei: I am the leader of this country. I shall not fail in my duty. Move out! Kanbei's forces ride!


Sonja: Father! Listen! The missile silos can only be operated by infantry or mech units. If you reach them first, you'll be able to launch a single missile!

Kanbei: I understand. Do not fear, my loyal subjects. Kanbei rides with you!

[After you have defeated all the enemy units / captured the enemy HQ:]

Flak: I-I don't believe it... They were... stronger than me? Must find a way... to escape...


Kanbei: The enemy has been routed!

Sonja: I'm sorry, Father. I almost destroyed us all.

Kanbei: What, your silos? Don't be ridiculous, Sonja. It is because of those silos that we won here today.

Sonja: Father...

Kanbei: There's no rest for the weary! Battle awaits, and we must ride forth to meet it!