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Show Stopper
Show Stopper.png
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty ****
Term(s) Destroy the 8 minicannons or HQ Capture
Weather Clear
Fog of War Yes
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Sonja
Yellow Comet, Player
CO 2 Adder
Black Hole, Enemy

Show Stopper is the 3rd mission of the Yellow Comet Campaign.


Sonja: The enemy stronghold looms ahead. How will Sonja capture it?


Kanbei: Are you sure the enemy is here?

Sonja: Yes. Somewhere. My reports say that... Eeeek!

Kanbei: Sonja! Are you all right?

Sonja: Ouch...

Kanbei: Blood! Sonja, you're bleeding! Quickly! Prepare for a transfusion!

YCSldier: Sir?

Sonja: Fa-Father! Stop! I just fell down. Please stop overreacting.

Kanbei: But I'm worried. If anything ever happened to you, I don't know what I would do. I knew it! You should be in the rear. It's much safer there.

Sonja: Ooh! I am a Yellow Comet CO! I can handle this responsibility! I'll prove it to you!

Kanbei: But, Sonja... I...

Sonja: Wait! Father, look at that!

Kanbei: Hm? That... That's...

Sonja: A huge enemy stronghold? When did that get there?

Kanbei: How dare they build that monstrosity on our sacred soil! It is time to clean the rust from my blade!

Sonja: Patience, Father! First, we need to reconnoiter.

Kanbei: But...

Sonja: Intel is the most important part of combat. Rushing blindly to war just increases your casualties. Leave this to me.

Kanbei: Never! It is too dangerous.

Sensei: I think you should let her go.

Kanbei: Sensei? I don't...

Sensei: Sonja is a respected CO in the Yellow Comet Army. Believe in your daughter, Kanbei. It's the right thing to do.

Kanbei: Hmmm... Sonja, are you truly ready for this?

Sonja: One hundred percent! I'm your daughter, aren't I?! I'll prove I'm worthy to command.


Sonja: How to capture that giant fortress... Looks like I need to smash the 8 cannons protecting it. If I can do that, the fortress will be powerless, and I'll win! It's either that or capture their HQ...

Adder: Heh heh... It seems that this terrain has our friends in a quandary. Not that it matters. Whatever they decide to do, they can only fail.

Sonja: CO Adder of the Black Hole Army, I presume. I should have known Black Hole was behind this!

Adder: This fortress was built on the strength of the Black Hole nation. It will never fall to the likes of Yellow Comet. Once I've taken care of things here, I must destroy this map. It wouldn't do to have these fools showing up at our hidden lab... Now then, let's see what skills this foe possesses.

[If you captured the southwesternmost city:]

YCSldier: Commander! This was found when we captured a new base.

Sonja: Ah! It's a map! A map showing the location of their lab! This must be where they're developing those new weapons we've heard about. Please deliver this to my father! He will send reinforcements for sure.

YCSldier: Yes, ma'am! I'll deliver it to CO Kanbei right away!

Sonja: Now, I just have to do something with this mess.

[After you have destroyed all the minicannons / captured the enemy HQ:]

Adder: What? It can't be! Our beautiful fortress... We were unlucky, nothing more. And so, for now, we must retreat.


Sonja: Whew... We won. Somehow, we won!

Kanbei: Sonja!

Sonja: Father, did you observe the battle?

Kanbei: I did. Those were dangerous tactics you employed, Daughter. However, I was mistaken. You were the perfect CO to fight this fight.

Sonja: Father...

Kanbei: However, this war is going to be more dangerous, and more violent. You must never let your guard down. Do you understand, Sonja?

Sonja: Yes, sir! I do!