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Sensei's Return
Sensei's Return.png
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty ?
Term(s) Rout or HQ Capture
Weather Clear
Fog of War Yes
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Sensei
Yellow Comet, Player
CO 2 Adder
Black Hole, Enemy

Sensei's Return is the (?) mission of the Yellow Comet Campaign.


Sensei: On this quiet beach, the battle is joined...


Adder: Where are the supplies we've plundered?

BHSldier: They're en route to our factory even as we speak, sir!

Adder: So quickly? Excellent... Heh heh. Our plans are moving right on schedule, eh? Even so, what a beautiful sea. Gazing upon it fills me with an overwhelming desire to see it all...... destroyed!

BHSldier: We're under attack! It's Yellow Comet!

Adder: So much for "me time" and tender thoughts... Send out the order for reinforcements! Prepare for battle!


Sonja: This is difficult terrain... The land routes are so narrow. Even if we move in numbers, we're sure to take heavy casualties.

Sensei: Hmmm... I think I'll take a crack at it.

Sonja: Sensei?

Sensei: Just sit back and watch. We'll see if my air units can't do some good. Even us old folks like to help out now and again.


Adder: What have we here? Have they run out of beds in Yellow Comet's infirmaries?

Sensei: So you're the Black Hole, eh? What do you want here?

Adder: I have no reason to tell you, old man. In time, the entire world will kneel at our feet. Any who dare stand in our way will be ground beneath our heels.

Sensei: Oh, can't have that, now can we? I don't like war—it's tiring. But someone's got to stop you. Let me tell you a little secret. Did you know that when you join two damaged units together, and their combined HP is over 10, the surplus gets converted into funds?

Adder: What are you babbling about? Do you think some loose change is going to sway the course of battle? Heh heh heh... Or are you just worried about your pension?

Sensei: If you don't grasp what I'm telling you, boy, then you've got no hope of defeating me. He who laughs last laughs best. So long.

Adder: You're quite the orator. Still, you're a bit long in the tooth to challenge me. Since you're so tired, I'll make this quick and finish you in 10 days!

[After you have defeated all the enemy units / captured the enemy HQ:]

Adder: You... You're an old man! For you to have defeated me... Who... Who are you?

Sonja: Sensei! You did it! You are victorious!

Sensei: Hm? I am? Oh, that's nice.

Adder: Wait! Now I remember... It was in the reports... This country once boasted a CO who was said to be unbeatable... A man whom everyone feared... Impossible... It couldn't be!

Sensei: Who, me?

Adder: Uh... Today was... unlucky. A bad day. We'll meet again, old... This is not finished!

Sensei: Seemed to have pulled through in one piece. Sonja? Are you all right?

Sonja: Sensei? You were unbeatable? Everyone... feared you?

Sensei: Who, me? Oh, that's so long ago, I'd almost forgotten. There might have been a rumor of that nature at some point, but... Come now, there are battles yet to be fought. Let's go.

Sonja: Yes... Yes, sir!