Appearances Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising and Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Specialty Battle Helicopters and Mechs
Affiliation Yellow Comet
CO power Copter Command
Super CO power Airborne Assault
Power Meter AdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-Med
Hits Lazy, rainy days
Misses Busy Malls

Sensei (Japanese: ヤマモト, Yamamoto) is a Yellow Comet CO. A former paratrooper rumored to have been quite the CO in his day. Sensei possesses powerful infantry, superior firepower for Battle Helicopters, and increased movement range for transport units (Lander, APC, Transport Helicopter, and Black Boat), although his naval units have weaker attacks. He was also Kanbei's teacher, as was stated in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. During Advance Wars: Dual Strike, he joins the allied nations in Omega Land, along with another one of his students, Grimm.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

Foot Soldiers have +40% attack. Battle Copters have +50% attack. Vehicles and naval units suffer a 10% attack penalty. Transport units have +1 movement.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Foot Soldiers have +10% attack. Battle Copters have +50% attack. Vehicle units now have normal firepower. All naval units suffer a 10% attack penalty. Transport units have +1 movement.

CO Power

Copter Command: Increases the firepower of all battle copters to 180% and creates Infantry units with 9 HP at every allied city, ready to move.

Super CO Power

Airborne Assault: Increases the firepower of all Battle Copters to 180% and a Mech unit with 9 HP is created on every allied city, ready to move.


Dual Strike

Campaign, Pre-Battle

Final Battle

"Whoa, nelly! Look at the size of that..."

(with Grimm)

Sensei: "Ah, Grimm, my old disciple. You've grown quite a bit during these battles... If you agree to train the rest of these rookies, I can finally die happy... If the battle ends poorly, you must escape! I can't outlive my finest student!"

Grimm: "Escape? Gwar har har har har! Sensei, we still need you back home! If you die on us, we're in big trouble! You're going home if I have to pick you up and carry you!"


"I might retire soon... I wonder how my 401k is doing."

(With Hachi)

Hachi: "Shop till you drop! Or until I drop you!"
Sensei: "Ha ha ha! You're such the businessman!"


A mech spammer by nature, Sensei has a reputation for being very difficult and very annoying. For most the things that his infantry can't hit, he has extremely powerful Battle Copters to boot. Sensei's CO powers allow him to easily outnumber his opponents, aside from Hachi, the only CO able to keep up with Sensei in unit count. Sensei has the capability to overwhelm opponents with mass swarms of infantry, and obscenely strong infantry at that. Having such strong infantry makes capturing cities much easier for him, and makes interrupting other captures easier.

Like Hachi, his power allows him to acquire more units even if he does not control any factories, allowing him to bypass the rules of the game. This can help the player out a lot on pre-deployed maps, where the player would otherwise not be able to build any more units. Sensei's CO Power in Dual Strike is practically free since Infantry units have an abnormally high charge rate there. You can use the units spawned from it as fuel to use your powers again.

Due to specializing in only three units, Sensei is a rather one-dimensional CO. Anti-Airs can deal with his powerful infantry and battle copters, especially if they get the first strike. COs with defensive strengths, such as Kanbei and Sturm, can usually power through whatever kind of infantry storm Sensei players may be planning. In Advance Wars 2 specifically, Sensei's vehicle units have lower firepower, which may cause trouble for him in the early game when both players start building their first Tanks. Since his infantry and battle copters have normal defense, whatever kind of units that can OHKO battle copters and infantry normally will still apply to Sensei as well.

In competitive play, Sensei is one of the very best CO's. This is because a high unit count is crucial to victory, as having a lot of Infantry and Mech units lets you protect your other units. If your Super CO Power spawns 10 9HP Mechs, that's essentially a 27,000G value. You can combine your Mechs to liquidate them into money. This allows Sensei to purchase the normally expensive units such as Neotanks or Bombers. However, Sensei has weaker firepower with naval units and vehicle units(only in Advance Wars 2).


Hachi: Grizzled Vets; 2 stars, 100%

Grimm: Rolling thunder; 1 star, 105%

Von Bolt: 90% 


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