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Sea of Hope
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty ***** (Normal Campaign), ******* (Hard Campaign)
Term(s) Rout or Lab Capture
Time Limit 18 Days
Properties 29
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Sensei, Kanbei, or Sonja
Yellow Comet
CO 2 Sami
Orange Star
CO 3 Adder
Black Hole

Sea of Hope is the lab mission of the Yellow Comet Campaign in Advance Wars 2.


Sensei, Sonja, and Kanbei advance to the location of the lab on the map that they recovered previously. There, they find a familiar ally already facing down Adder. After teaming up with Sami to fend off Adder and capture the lab, Sami thanks the Yellow Comet COs for helping her out of a sticky situation.


The airports at your disposal should immediately point to Sensei being the optimal choice for this map. Use your Cruiser and Anti-Air units to deal with the Bombers Adder will be sending your way while sending foot soldiers to capture the nearby properties as well as the Airport on the island. Sami also has a small navy to help you out. Use her Battleships to destroy Adder's Rockets and Neotanks as the Neotanks will be approaching your side very quickly. Make sure to use Sami's Cruiser in case some of Adder's Bombers decide to go after her Battleships.

Start advancing upward with foot soldiers and transport units on the land route. Do not bother engaging with Adder's naval units as the only ones that can present any real threat are his Battleships. Once you have captured the Airport on the island, start building Bombers and bomb everything in sight. Anti-Airs and Missiles are your primary targets but make sure to stay out of range of Cruisers. After sinking Adder's Battleships, you should be able to ferry an Infantry with a T Copter straight to the lab and capture it with no issue.


Perfect Rankings:

  • Speed: 18 Days
  • Power: ???
  • Technique: ???

S Rankings:

  • Speed: 18 Days
  • Power: ???
  • Technique: ???


  • This is the only lab mission where the player commands more than one CO.