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Sea Fortress
Sea Fortress.png
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty ****
Term(s) Destroy all Minicannons
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Eagle
Green Earth, Player
CO 2 Hawke
Black Hole, Enemy

Normal Campaign:

"Where did that Sea Fortress come? Crush it!"

This mission showcases Eagle and his aerial superiority, but it also takes some good planning to complete this map with great speed. Unfortunately, it seems Eagle has been done in, as Hawke deployed anti-air type units all across the map. So, what has to be done? Destroy the power of the fortress itself. 8 minicannons are placed such that it's almost impossible to avoid either the cannon or enemy fire. The soldiers reinspire Eagle and the attack is launched.

You start off with a considerable air force: six bombers, 4 fighters, and 8 battle copters. Hawke's forces aren't completely cohesive, however, so you won't have to face all his troops at once. You'll first meet up with 4 battle copters and two fighters. Take them out with your own fighters and B copters, but keep a good eye on Hawke's power meter. both his regular co power and his super co power will be very annoying and very destructive. After you take down the fighters and b copters, continue to advance. odds are likely you'll meet his other two fighters and b copters as well. take them all out in one turn, and if the cruisers are nearby as well, which is likely, destroy both with your bombers in the same turn, as well the minicannons nearby. If the math adds up correctly, you should have Eagle's Super CO power fully charged. Don't wait for the next turn, use it right now. If you advanced all of your units and placed them well, using Lightning Strike might allow you to take out all four Missile units, which would end all danger to your air force. DO NOT destroy the minicannons that are directly next to the fortress, because they actually pin in hawke's A-air ground units. You'll get a number of cannon fire, and likely also experience Black Storm for the first time if this is your first playthrough and first Green Earth mission. Black Storm would be much deadlier under different conditions, but on this, it'll only slow you down a little. Take out the farthest minicannons if you can next turn, and then with your copters, equally damage each of the four central minicannons, being sure not to put any air units in the enemy A-air range. The turn or two after that, destroy the last four minicannons in the same turn, and victory occurs, where Eagle to all intents and purposes salutes his troops for rallying his spirit.

On Hard Mode, you start off with two additional bombers and battle copters along with two battleships and cruisers while Hawke also has two Artillery, four Neotanks, four more Anti-Airs, and two submarines deployed as well while two of his fighters have been replaced with cruisers. Your troops also begin in the south instead of in the west.