Appearances Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Specialty Extra War Funds
Affiliation Blue Moon
CO power Market Crash
Super CO power War Bonds
Power Meter AdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-Med
Hits Truffles
Misses Pork Rinds
Sasha (Japanese: サーシャ) is a Blue Moon CO and the older sister of Colin. She's normally ladylike, but becomes daring when she gets angry. Being the heiress to a vast fortune, she gets extra Funds from bases under her control. She has no weaknesses (or strengths, for that matter). She often watches over Colin, ensuring that his worry doesn't get too out of hand (but does come across as both domineering and heavy-handed with Colin). Also appears to have a thing for Jake in Dual Strike.

CO abilities

Sasha gains additional 100 Funds from each property under her control.

CO power

Market Crash - Reduces the enemy CO's Power Meter by approximately 10% for every 5000 War Funds she has and gets a 10% boost to attack/defense.

Super CO power

War Bonds - Turns 50% of the damage Sasha's units deal into War Funds, and gets a 10% boost to attack/defense.

Tag Breaks

Sasha has Tag Breaks with the following COs:


In the Campaign Mode (both Normal and Hard), she is one of the best CO's to use since her CO Power can shut down enemy Tag Breaks by herself while your other CO's in the missions are free to use theirs. Eventually the enemy will be able to use their powers, but by then, the player will have gained a tactical advantage.

In a 1 vs. 1 battle, she is one of the worst CO's. Her CO Power reduces the power of the enemy CO's meter, but using your CO Power also reduces your meter by 2 stars. Thus, you are essentially using up your power meter to reduce the opponent’s power meter. Her Super CO Power is situational since there may not be many opportunities to inflict damage during the moment it becomes active. You can delay using it until a better moment, but each turn you wait allows the enemy to charge their own power meter faster than you.

On the upside, the slight income boost does allow you to be the first player with a Tank on the field (giving you a slight early advantage).

If you are playing a tag battle, she can be used very effectively with Colin. Sasha’s power will allow you to gain lots of funds, which can then be used to greatly increase the firepower of your units during Colin’s power. In addition, the pair will gain a 30% firepower boost when using a tag power together.


Dual Strike


"I won't back down!"

"You won't like... what I'm about to do."


"You've made me very very... upset."

"I'll keep fighting until peace is restored."

"I won't go easy on you!"

Campaign, Pre-Battle

Final Battle

"I sense something... terrible... but I must put that feeling aside!"

(with Colin)

Sasha: "Don't push yourself too much, Colin. I need you to come home alive."

Colin: "I know, Sis. I want you to be safe, too. We'll go home together!"


(with Colin)

Sasha: "Say something clever, Colin. Colin: "Um... Don't mess with the best! Oh, that was lame."

Colin: "H-how was that sis? Sasha: "Meh. Good. Not great. I can do better."

Sasha: "Our sibling bond is unbreakable!" Colin: "Yepp, that's why we're the best!"


Sasha's primary strategy is to outfund (and thus outbuild) the other guy. Spamming her normal CO power will allow her to foil enemy CO powers. As she slows down, she should still have the ability to block SCOPs.

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