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Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising Campaign
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Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty ?
Term(s) Rout or HQ Capture
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Colin
Blue Moon, Player
CO 2 Lash
Black Hole, Enemy

Reclamation is the first mission of the Blue Moon campagin. It`s where the New commander, Colin, takes it up on Lash.

So, you start with 4000 War Funds (3 bases plus one HQ). Lash is on the other side with the exact things. There are

3 Airports , one at the center, one near Colin, and one near Lash. There`s only one neutral base: close to Colin.

There are a lot of cities, two near Lash, three near Colin, and one below the airport in the middle. You should be able to beat her, but she is quite annoying.


To spam infantries for the first few turns, capture the 3 cities, the 2 airports, the city below it if you can, and the only neutral base. Then, just deploy a Medium Tank or Bomber once in a while ,sabotage her HQ, and block up any and all of Lash's airports! Then you should be able to win in 20-ish days.


Colin: Reclaim the land Lash stole!


Olaf: What did you say? Black Hole's on our northern frontier?

BMSldier: Yes, sir. They show every indication of attacking right away.

Olaf: Hmmm. But why? There's nothing of importance there.

Grit: Maybe that's the reason.

Olaf: What do you mean?

Grit: Well, there's nothing there, so maybe they figure the defenses are weak.

Olaf: How should we respond? We could get there soon enough, but it may be a trap. We can't be careless.

Grit: That might be part of their plan, too. Ha ha, that's downright crafty.

Olaf: We're not here to admire them! Someone has to go... Me or Grit...

Colin: I'll go!

Olaf: You?

Colin: You and Commander Grit should remain here, correct? Well, that leaves me!

Grit: Now there's a good idea. Let's send the youngster.

Olaf: Grit, you lazy... The boy's as green as can be.

Grit: That may be true, but he's been fulfilling his CO duties without a hitch. I say it's high time we start treating him like a full-fledged CO.

Olaf: Hmmm... I see what you're saying, but...

Grit: It's all settled then. Colin, head up north, and defeat the enemy!

Colin: Yes, sir!

Grit: Easy, son. Relax a bit, and do what you can.

Colin: Uh... and troop morale? If I'm not paying attention...

Grit: Don't mistake what I said now. Being relaxed and being careless aren't the same thing. The lives of your troops hang on the decisions you make out there. I know you're excited, and that's not bad. Just remember moderation. OK?

Colin: Sir! Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!


BHSldier: Mistress Lash, Blue Moon troops have been spotted.

Lash: Well, it's about time. Who's in command?

BHSldier: It's... A young boy CO named Colin.

Lash: Huh? That kid? How boring is that? I wanted the bearded geezer, or at least the scarecrow.

BHSldier: What are your orders? Do you want the troops to attack?

Lash: It's not going to be any fun of neither of 'em shows up. Sound the retreat.

BHSldier: Er... ma'am?

Lash: Oh, OK. Let's just attack and wipe 'em all out. Tee hee hee!

[After you have defeated all the enemy units / captured the enemy HQ:]

Lash: Boo! Nothing's going right! That's enough. I'm going home!

BHSldier: Mis... Mistress Lash? Wait for us!


Colin: Did they really retreat?

BMSldier: No doubt about it. We've secured the enemy HQ, sir.

Colin: I accomplished my mission! Wow, is that a relief!

BMSldier: Your command was... Audacious, sir.

Colin: Thank you. I'm glad you think so. I've just got to keep this up and drive Black Hole out as soon as possible.