Appearances Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Specialty Base repair
Affiliation Orange Star
CO power Lucky Lass
Super CO power Covering Fire
Power Meter AdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-Med
Hits Hard Work
Misses Excuses
Dual Strike Theme

Rachel (Japanese: レイチェル Rachel) is a young Orange Star CO. She strives to follow in the footsteps of her older sister, Nell. Her Units are hardworking which allows her units to increase base repairs. She also takes Nell's place as the player's advisor in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. In the game, she appears as the first CO the player fights in the game before Jugger.


CO abilities

Her base repairs are increased by 1 (due to the hardworking nature of the logistics team), so her troops can recover up to 3 HP of damage each turn.

CO power

Lucky Lass - Rachel finds a penny on the floor or something, which increases her Luck, allowing her to do up to 40% more damage. Additionally, her units get +10% to offence and defense.

Super CO power

Covering Fire - Fires three missiles from the Omega Land HQ at enemy targets. Also raises her units' offence and defense by 10%. The missiles target as follows:

  • The first missile targets the largest group of Infantry it can find, with priority given to capturing Infantry.
  • The second missile does as much damage in funds as it can. The value of Rachel's own troops is subtracted from this calculation.
  • The third and final missile does as much HP damage as it possibly can, but will do the most damage in funds if there is a tie (i.e. if there are four Recon units and four Neotank units, the missile will hit the four Neotanks). The HP Rachel's own troops would lose is subtracted from this calculation.

Tag Breaks

Rachel has Tag Breaks with the following COs:


Rachel's day to day repair ability is insignificant and she doesn't have any stat boosts (aside from her CO Power, which often goes unused). However, her Super CO Power is one of the very best powers in the game, and it's so strong that she manages to be one of the better CO's in the game.

If two of her three missiles hit the same area, that's essentially like a free Black Bomb for the player (without even having to purchase it or move it into position). In any event, the damage will cause significant financial loss for the opponent and make it easier to topple their units in battle. While it's true that Covering Fire is terrifying when used in smaller maps, it still is highly effective on big maps as well.

Rachel excels on almost any map.


Dual Strike


"Get on the ready line!"

"Where are you looking? You are fighting ME!"

Campaign, Pre-Battle

Final Battle

"We'll win. We'll win and everyone will go home in one piece!"

(with Jake)

Rachel: "You know, none of these missions have ever been easy. Even the early ones. I've cheated death a thousand times, and sometimes I got so scared that I cried... But... You've always been with me. Whether we're on the battlefield or in some meeting... You play it cool, but you've always backed me up."

Jake: "Ah... well... you know. I mean... I have to... uh... follow orders and... stuff."

Rachel: "You made me happy. I mean it! It was like... having a younger brother."

Jake: "Wha? A younger brother...? ...Huh."

Rachel: "What, you're not happy with that?"

Jake: "No, dude, it's fine! Wait, I mean... I don't mean dude... I mean... Oh man, I'm screwing this up..."

Rachel: "Hee hee! Well then... This will be my last order as your CO... you must make it out of this battle alive! And... Bring your report to my office when you're done... OK?"

Jake: "...Yeah! Let's do this thing and go home alive!"


(With Nell)

Rachel: "Not bad, huh, Sis? Whooo! Yeah! We rule! Yeah!"
Nell: "Excitable, aren't you?"

Nell: "Huh. We won. Lucky us."
Rachel: "Don't be such a downer, Nell. Smiling won't kill you!" 

Rachel: Don't like facing sisters? You're just unlucky!
Nell: Weird... I feel a little guilty.

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