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Power is the amount of enemy units you destroyed in a single turn. For Advance Wars 1/2/DS, if there are 38 units your enemy deployed, you must destroy at least 4 units in a single turn to earn a perfect score or if 74 units, 8 units in one turn. This is usually the easiest category to score in, unless your opponent can mass produce units quickly.

Advance Wars 1/2/DS

Power = 1000 * D / T

D = Destroyed enemy units T = Total enemy units

Power is multiplied by 2 in Advance Wars 1 outside Advance Campaign, where Power is simply auto-maxed at 200 points.

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Technique = [(D + 100 * K) / A] - 100

D = Damage dealt in total K = Kills dealt in total A = Attacks executed altogether

Counterattacks are not factored in at all.

The above is averaged with 100 if it passes 100, and maxes at 150.

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