Appearances Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Specialty Weather
Affiliation IDS
CO power Stormfront
CO Zone 3
Hits Mr. Bear
Misses Broken "toys" (units)

Penny is an IDS CO. (known as Lili in the EU version of the game) She is the youngest child of Dr. Caulder, whose numerous experiments on her have left her mind permanently shattered. It was stated by Dr. Caulder that her mind was altered to allow her to control an entire battlefield singlehandedly. She has a close bond to her teddy bear, "Mr. Bear", in the US and Japanese versions acts as though it is alive. This is almost completely absent in the European version. She looks up to her older sister Tabitha. Penny is quite childish and has trouble understanding things. This and her trouble remembering things are most likely caused by the experiments that were done on her.

In the Days of Ruin campaign, Penny is the second enemy CO seen, after The Beast, but does not appear again until after Greyfield is defeated. She is the enemy CO twice after that. She finds herself onboard The Great Owl when Will attempts to rescue Isabella, however Caulder orders her to crash it and kill herself along with everyone on board. Isabella, however, persuades her not to, and Penny consquently joins the 12th Battalion. She is seen in the ending cutscene, a year after Caulder's defeat, during which she STILL has a close bond with Mr. Bear.and

All of Penny's Units are not affected by weather even if the CO unit is not deployed.

CO power

Stormfront - weather is changed randomly to either rain, snow, or sandstorm. Snow and sandstorm last 3 days, while rain lasts only one day.

  • Rain reduces all enemy vision to 1. It creates Fog of war if it's not in place already.
  • Snow reduces enemy mobility.
  • Sandstorm reduces enemy attack power by 30%, after damage calculations but before the effect of a CO zone is applied.


  • She is the only CO in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin to have an ability that affects all her units out side of her
    Penny's Theme

    Penny's Theme


    CO zone without her CO Power being used.
  • Penny is considered to be the weakest playable CO in Days of Ruin, only offering a 5% offence and defense boost
  • Strangely enough, Penny is shown to possibly have four teddy bears, as seen in her CO picture, and a cutscene when Caulder talks to his children after Greyfield is defeated. Penny's bears are coloured as Green, Black, Yellow, and Red. This would cast some doubt as to which one is actually "Mr. Bear", however, she is mostly seen with the red one, which also holds her necklace (found on all of Caulder's clones), probably signifying it as "Mr. Bear" from the trio. However, when the other ones make their appearance, the Black teddy bear is shown to wear her necklace, possibly meaning that their color is merely changed due to the lighting.
  • Penny is shown to have bad memory as she does not appear to remember who Will is during the final cutscenes, after which Will states he believes she will "eventually remember".
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