Orange Star, known as Red Star (レッドスター) in Japanese iterations, is one of the five main forces of Wars World. It is featured in all installments of the series, with the exception of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict.

In Campaign mode of each game, it is the first country playable, also serving as a tutorial. They are a member of the Allied Nations.

Orange Star have the second highest number of COs, after Black Hole. The other three Allied Nations factions have 4 COs, but Orange Star has 7 (not including Super Famicom Wars's Yuan Delta).

With the exception of Jake, the forces of Orange Star concentrates in direct warfare, excelling in frontal assaults.


Orange Star's Commanding Officers are:

  • Andy: the newest of the group. Optimistic but naive, Andy is the best mechanic around, able to repair his damaged units and give them a tune-up. As the most inexperienced, his units don't gain any benefits or disbenefits.
  • Max: a veteran CO. Strong but reckless, Max packs a punch when it comes to his direct forces, but is too clumsy to use indirect units properly.
  • Sami: a veteran CO. Strong-willed but hot-tempered, Sami is a master of foot soldiers as well as capturing the enemy propertys, but she isn't very skilled when it comes to any other kind of unit.
  • Nell: Orange Star's chief CO. Stern but sensitive, Nell is known for being lucky, with all of her units being able to randomly pack more of a punch.
  • Rachel: the de-facto leader of the Allied Nations. Optimistic but often gullible, Rachel can bring units back to their full shape faster than other COs, and is able to bring destruction from above when in desperate situations.
  • Jake: Rachel's partner and second in command of the Allied Nations. Calm but over-trusting, Jake is nothing but a lover for the former beautiful green fields of Omega Land, making his units stronger when in this environment.
  • Hachi: the former chief CO of Orange Star and now a shopkeeper, Hachi has the best trades you could ask for. While he doesn't go to the battlefield much nowadays, when he does, his good prices makes so he can get any unit for a great discount and even bring them from places no other can.

Former COs

  • Grit was also originally from Orange Star, but left to join Blue Moon shortly before the beginning of the first game.
  • Olaf was once the head officer of Orange Star, though he left to lead Blue Moon and had made invasions on Orange Star numerous times.


  • In the Japanese iterations of Advance Wars, Orange Star is known as "Red Star". It was revised to "Orange Star" for Western audiences so as to avoid any relation with Communism and the symbol itself, which is banned in some countries in Europe and Southeast Asia.
  • Orange/Red Star is modeled after the U.S. Armed Forces. Oddly enough, the Red Star is a symbol of the Russian military which Blue Moon is modeled after; however, their logo may be based on the American recruiting logo Army Strong.


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