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Oozium 238 (or Oozium for short) is a large blob like Unit, which makes it's one and only apperance in Advance Wars: Dual Strike where it is the ultimate weapon produced by Black Hole. It is one of the few units which cannot be played by the player in Campaign. However they can be used on Design Maps once purchased from the shop.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Oozium 238 Information
Weapon One Ammo Range Weapon Two Special Commands
N/A N/A 1 N/A
  • None
Move Fuel Cost (G.) Vision
1 Infinite 10000 (can not purchase) 1


Although slow moving, Oozium 238s have high armour, and can kill any unit in one hit. They can only move one square in any direction which is also their attack, if they move to a square already occupied by an enemy unit, that unit is automatically destroyed. Despite taking minor damage from almost all units, Oozium 238s take relatively high damage from Infantry/Mech units and Anti-Air units considering their otherwise lower power. These units are also effective because they are cheap to deploy compared to higher-end tanks or aircraft. Ooziums are effective in large numbers and are good at pushing units into corners. Oozium 238's are unaffected by Missile silos and CO powers.


Oozium 238s are extremely deadly foes. A good strategy is engaging them with indirect units while they try to move in closer. Several strong tanks or aircraft together can destroy an Oozium in one turn but it must be a sure kill, if the Oozium remains with even 1HP it can still kill the strongest unit that was attacking it. Surrounding them with Infantry/Mech units is a better and cheaper option. They either completely destroy it or they only lose one of their Infantry/Mech units. This tactic may require APC assistance if several Oozium are spread across the battlefield and producing them from your bases will not get them there fast enough.

Another safer (though more resource consuming) option is to relentlessly bombard Oozium with indirects. Artillery are good for this option because they are not as valuable as missiles and bombers, though they may be hard to position due to their short range.


  • "238" probably refer to Uranium, a radioactive substance used to power nuclear power plants and one of the raw materials required to manufacture nuclear weapons. Exactly how it is related to Oozium is unknown.

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