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Black hole's Oozium.

Oozium 238 (or Oozium for short) is a large blob-like Unit. It makes its one and only appearance in Advance Wars: Dual Strike where it is the ultimate weapon produced by Black Hole. It is one of the few units which cannot be played by the player in Campaign. However, they can be used on Design Maps once purchased from the shop.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Oozium 238 Information
Weapon One Ammo Range Weapon Two Special Commands
N/A N/A 1 N/A
  • None
Move Fuel Cost (G.) Vision
1, Oozium Infinite 0 (found in the data of the game) 1


Although slow moving, Oozium 238s have high armour, and can kill any unit in one hit. They can only move one square in any direction, which is also their attack; if they move to a square already occupied by an enemy unit, that unit is automatically destroyed. Despite taking minor damage from almost all units, Oozium 238s take relatively high damage from Infantry/Mech, Anti-Air units, and the Megatank (although attacking an Oozium with a Megatank is generally unadvised, since they cost so much to deploy), considering the former's otherwise lower power. These units are also effective because they are cheap to deploy compared to higher-end tanks or aircraft. Ooziums are effective in large numbers and are good at pushing units into corners. Oozium 238's are unaffected by Missile silos. They receive the small defense boost that comes with every CO power, but they are immune to all other effects of CO powers.


Oozium 238 is easily countered by the infantry because of its weakness to machine gun fire and low move. Four infantry units can destroy one oozium without triggering luck damage. Since infantry units are cheap, the player does not have to worry about losing much if the Oozium destroys one of them. Unless the player is fighting with pre-deployed units, it is advisable to avoid attacking the oozium with anything beyond a recon. Since expensive units that cause explosive damage are good against other armored units, but no more effective against the oozium than the infantry, such units are best used against other armored units.

For the COs that can counter oozium 238, higher damage is a must. COs that can boost damage for combat unit like Max, Grimm, Jess, etc can do better against oozium. High defense unit like the Kanbei's more expensive-unit can still be destroyed in one hit by the oozium even with his SCOP. Infantry specialist like Sami and Sensei can improve the infantry swarm tactic against the oozium with Sami's higher infantry firepower and Sensei's COP and SCOP can make more Infantry or Mech. Eagle can also be a great counter to the oozium not only because his stronger air unit but his COP with just three star can make his unit which accidentally get inside oozium attack range to get out of their danger. Damaging COP/SCOP like Rachel's Covering Fire, Olaf's Winter's Fury, Drake's Tsunami/Typhoon, Hawke's Black Wave/Strom, Kindle/Candy's Urban Blight(if the oozium is on the building) and Von Bolt's Ex Machina are useless against the oozium.


  • "238" probably refers to the atomic weight of the most common isotope of Uranium, a radioactive substance used to power nuclear power plants and one of the raw materials required to manufacture nuclear weapons. Exactly how it is related to Oozium is unknown however it most likely corresponds to its the destructive nature.
  • Oozium is the only unit that doesn't have a price in the game data of Advance Wars: Dual Strike. There is no way for the player to build or repair Oozium during a game; it can only be pre-deployed using the map editor. Except for the final campaign mission, the AI is unable to produce new Oozium either.
  • The AI usually moves the Oozium first before any other unit.
  • Oozium 238 units also appear in Survival: Money mission 8 under Eagle's control, where he calls them Allconsumium.
    • Strangely, they get reactivated by Eagle's CO Powers but they still do not move.