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Appearances Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising and Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Specialty Snow
Affiliation Blue Moon
CO power Blizzard
Super CO power Winter Fury
Power Meter xxxXXXX
Hits Warm Boots
Misses Rain Clouds


Olaf (known as Whip in Japan) is a Blue Moon CO. He has appeared in the Campaign mode of Gameboy Wars Advance/Advance Wars and Gameboy Wars Advance 2/Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, but did not make a proper appearance in Famicom Wars DS/Advance Wars: Dual Strike. He is the leader of the Blue Moon and a specialized in winter combat, hence his CO powers are all winter related. Although his Units are unaffected by Snow, they act as though they are travelling through Snow when Rain is present. Described to be a pompous braggart whose tactical prowess has earned him the respect of his peers and the admiration of his people. Kind of a serious person, especially when compared to Grit.

Advance Wars

Olaf first appeared in the Original Advance Wars. He was commonly used in the training mission as to be the foe. But in the end Olaf had a change of heart and helped Orange Star unto victory against Enigma (Sturm).

Olaf was one of the first 4 unlocked.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

Olaf appears again in Advance Wars 2. Joins with Grit the sharpshooter and Colin the rich boy they fight to drive Lash out of the Blue Moon's lands. Olaf's missions are Toy Box and T-minus 15. (Neotanks!?! and Factory Blues are optional).

Olaf swears to take out Black Hole because they (especially Lash) destroyed his hometown in Toy Box misson.

CO abilities

Olaf's Units move unhindered in snow. But rain cause penalties as the normal COs have in snow

CO power

Blizzard - Causes snow to fall, which adversely affects all Units except his own.

Super CO power

Winter Fury - Causes a mighty blizzard, which reduces enemy Movement and deals 2 HP of damage to all enemy Units.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Olaf has little to no role in Advance Wars: Dual Strike, instead he stays in Blue Moon and helps his country recover. His clone -made by Black Hole- appears in one of the later missions, though.

CO abilities

In Advance Wars: Dual Strike, the snowy weather actually rises Olaf's units' firepower, which according to some fans, has made Olaf just another firepower boosting CO. In addition, his units are not hindered by Snow.

CO power

Blizzard - Ho, ho, ho, your present from Olaf Claus is... Snow! Olaf opens his sack of presents for bad little children and even worse COs and causes Snow to fall for 2 days, forcing his foes to consume more Fuel. Does not affect their Movement anymore, however. All of his Units also get a 10% boost in offence and defence. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Super CO power

Winter Fury - Olaf shows his foe that winter doesn't just mean Christmas Carols and presents; he causes a mighty blizzard, which deals 2 HP of damage to all enemy Units. Also forces his foes to consume more Fuel, but again, does not affect their Movement anymore. All of his Units also get a 10% boost in offense and defence.

Tag Breaks

Olaf has Tag Breaks with the following COs:


Dual Strike

Power "Chaaaaarge!"

"I am the shining star of Blue Moon!"


"For Blue Moon... for the motherland!"

(With Grit)

Grit: "Hey, if you want to fight the next one, I'll just nap..."
Olaf: "Grit, you little..!"


  • Olaf is based on Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union in World War 2. Just as winter saved the Red Army, Olaf's powers can save the Blue Moon Army.
  • One of Olaf's color changes makes him look like Santa Claus.
  • In Black Hole Rising, Olaf's beard was brown.
  • It is curious that, while Olaf is stated to be a former Orange Star CO, Blue Moon is revealed to be his homeland, meaning that the Orange Star CO's accusation of Olaf being a traitor is subjective at best and incorrect at worst.

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