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Appearances Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, Advance Wars: Dual Strike.
Specialty High Luck
Affiliation Orange Star
CO power Lucky Star
Super CO power Lady Luck
Power Meter AdWar-Sml.pngAdWar-Sml.pngAdWar-Sml.pngAdWar-Med.pngAdWar-Med.pngAdWar-Med.png
Hits Willfull Students
Misses Downtime

Nell (Japanese: キャサリン Catherine) is an Orange Star CO. She is also the player's instructor in field training and assists the player in Campaign by giving hints and strategical advice. Her little sister Rachel takes Nell's place as the player's advisor in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Nell attended military school with Grit and Max.

Physical Appearance

Nell looks like a typical womanly businesswoman. She has wavy blonde hair, violet eyes, pink lips and pale peach skin. She wears a bright purple business suit and bright purple heels. She also has a mole on the left side of her face, near her left eye.

Nell also has another outfit which is unlockable in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Instead of wavy hair, her hair appears straighter. She wears a bright purple headband, gold earrings, a gold necklace and gold-colored strappy sandals. Also, instead of a bright purple business suit, she wears a bright purple dress with layered frills at the bottom. Despite all these changes, her facial features and skin color remain the same. (See gallery below for an image of this outfit).

CO abilities

Nell was born under a lucky star, giving her units a Luck bonus of 15% instead of the standard 10%.

CO power

Lucky Star - Increase Nell's Luck to 60%. All of her units also get a 10% boost in defence, and in Advance Wars: Dual Strike they also get 10% boost in offence. Interestingly, in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising her units are stated to damage multiple foes, though nothing of this sort ever actually happens.

Super CO power

Lady Luck - Raises Nell's Luck to 100%. All of her units also get a 10% boost in defence, and in Advance Wars: Dual Strike they also get 10% boost in offence. Interestingly, the in-game info of Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising states her units to damage multiple foes, though nothing of this sort ever happens.

Fair Warning: Bear in mind, luck is still luck. That damage counter may actually be right, and that could spell the end of your brave little recon.

Tag Breaks

Nell has Tag Breaks with the following COs:

  • Rachel, 130%, "Windfall" (3 stars) Absurd levels of luck coupled with free missiles... a very scary tag indeed.
  • Andy, 105%
  • Max, 105%
  • Sami, 105%
  • Von Bolt, 90%


Since Nell is one of the 3 pure luck COs, there is really no skillful strategy. Just pray you get lucky on your shots.

Of the 3 luck-based CO's (herself, Jugger and Flak), it is generally understood that Nell is the best because she is capable of inflicting lots of additional damage via luck, but does not suffer from any potential damage output penalty. Her daily ability also allows her units to inflict 1 or 2 additional damage. Keep in mind that this a damage buff and not merely a firepower buff, so regardless of the enemy unit's defense, your unit can still damage it.

Many players have deemed her a powerful CO due to her ability to possibly kill a Megatank with an Infantry during her SCOP, but she does have weaknesses which are often ignored. In short, heavily relying on your SCOP and spam infantry in hopes of destroying the common units like tanks and anti-air is a huge gamble to take.

The issue with CO Powers that are based on combat is that they are situational. If your Super CO Power becomes active during a turn when there's not many enemy units to attack at the moment, you'll get a mediocre outcome if you use it immediately and your opponent will be a turn ahead of you (in terms of charging their power meter). The fact that her powers are luck-based, makes them even less reliable.


Dual Strike


"Don't hate me just because I'm lucky!"

"Pull together, everyone!"

"Everything will work out!"

"This will bring me luck!"


Ha! Too bad for you!

...And that's how it's done.

(With Rachel)

Rachel: "Not bad, huh, Sis? Whooo! Yeah! We rule! Yeah!"
Nell: "Excitable, aren't you?"

Nell: "Huh. We won. Lucky us."
Rachel: "Don't be such a downer, Nell. Smiling won't kill you!"




Nell's Theme - Advance Wars Dual Strike

*It is implied in Advance Wars that Nell and Grit (before he left Orange Star for Blue Moon) had something going on, it is also implied that Max used to have feelings for her at this time too.


  • In the first game,in CO Intel,it says that Olaf is the one that she dislikes basically,instead of the "Downtime".
  • Tactics

    Aside from luck, Nell is a balanced CO, while she inherits Caroline's gift on defense(from famicom wars), don't try to push your luck too far because your infantry won't 1 hit kill a tank unless you are using your super power. You should use your power/super power when a lot of your units can attack many enemies to inflict as much damage as you can. Just keep in mind that if you don't get lucky, your opponent's retaliation may cost you a lot.

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