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Nature Walk
Nature Walk.png
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty ****
Term(s) Order any unit under your control to wait on your Headquarters or rout
Weather Clear
Fog of War Yes
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Grit
Blue Moon, Player
CO 2 Lash
Black Hole, Enemy

Nature Walk is the (?) mission of the Blue Moon Campaign.


Grit: Three cannons waiting. How can I cross these woods?


Olaf: All right, everyone. Keep up the pace! Victory lies just beyond those woods. Now, more than ever, we need Blue Moon to be strong...

Grit: Hold it right there, Boss!

Olaf: How dare you! I'm talking to the troops!

Grit: We're walking into an ambush. There are enemy units in those woods.

Olaf: Madness!

Grit: And that ain't all! They've got some crazy weapons pointed right at us. My, oh my... Getting through this is gonna take some doin'.

Colin: What should we do?

Grit: Don't fret none. This one's mine. I figure my abilities are best suited to take on those monster cannons.

Olaf: Truthfully, Grit. Are you sure you can handle this?

Grit: I believe I'll muddle through somehow.


Lash: So, they sent you, did they? Blue Moon CO Grit. Your CO Power is Snipe Attack... You're an indirect-combat unit specialist. Did I miss anything?

Grit: You know your stuff, don't you, princess?

Lash: It's no big deal. I AM a genius, you know. The Black Cannon's my invention, too.

Grit: Black Cannon, huh? What's it do?

Lash: Do you really want to know? Well, its range of fire is much, much larger than yours. And I've tweaked it so it can now fire every day! I'm gonna destroy you way before you reach your goal.

Grit: I see... I reckon I'll have to sneak along through the woods then.

Lash: Are you seriously going to try it?

Grit: I suppose I am. I'm sure those cannons are as powerful as can be, but being the biggest don't always mean you're the best. I think I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson, princess.

Lash: Yikes! I'm so scared! NOT!

Grit: Listen up, soldiers! Our goal is to reach our HQ on the far side of these woods. Unit type is not a factor. Any one of you reaches the HQ, we win. As long as you're in the woods, you're safe from cannon fire, so rest there. Now, we cannot allow the HQ to be captured. So if you run into any enemy infantry, be sure to give 'em somethin' to remember you by. All right, let's move out!

[After you have succeeded sending a unit to your HQ:]

Lash: No way! They made it through? I can't be defeated here... It's not possible!

Grit: You remember this day, princess. This is where you learned what it means to make Blue Moon your enemy.

Lash: Don't worry, I'll remember. Remember that I have to crush you! Next time we meet, the result will be different! Toodles!

Grit: My, oh my... Glad to see the end of that.

Colin: That was great, Commander Grit!

Grit: Well done, Grit! After today, I can see the day of our ultimate victory approaching! All we need to do is march out to meet it! Let's march!