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Normal Ruins
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Snow Desert
DoRSeaImageSnow.png DoRSeaImageDesert.png
Map Info
Def DoRIcon1Stars.png
Inc Hyphen.png
Rep DoRIconRecoverNone.png
Hide Yes
Icon IconMist.png
Move CostIconMovement.png
Inftry Hyphen.png
Mech Hyphen.png
Tire A Hyphen.png
Tire B Hyphen.png
Tank Hyphen.png
Air 1
Ship 1
Trpt 1
“Mist provides ideal hiding places for naval units in Fog of War.”
—In-game description.

Mist(Days of Ruin) or Sea Fog(Dark Conflict) is a section of sea in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin that provides a hideout in Fog of War.