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The Mini Cannon was a short-range cannon presumably invented by Lash for the Black Hole's invasion of Macro Land. It first appears in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising when the Yellow Comet army encounters 8 of them surrounding a fortress.


The cannon's armor is not as strong as the Black Cannon's armor, but as with the Black Cannon's door the Mini Cannon has 99HP. The Mini Cannon can be hit with both Direct and Indirect attacks but is immune to Missiles and Black Bombs. The Mini Cannon is also unaffected by CO Powers.


The Mini Cannon can fire once every day. The cannon cannot turn and only fires in the direction it is facing. The Mini Cannon has a short range with a triangular firing arc starting on either the upper, lower, left, or right tile depending on which direction it is facing. It can fire up to 4 tiles in front of the cannon and up to 7 tiles across. When it fires it deals a flat 3HP damage to any one target. However, it cannot destroy units; instead, units will go as low as 1HP.