Mechs of each force from AW2.


A Mech from AW:DoR.

Mechs (Or Mechanized Infantry) are a Land Unit. They have appeared in every Advance Wars game.

Game Information

Famicom Wars

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Super Famicom Wars

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Game Boy Wars 3

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Advance Wars

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Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

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Advance Wars: Dual Strike

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Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

AW mech

A Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising mech with a bazooka

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Mechs have the option of Capture while on a neutral or enemy building. Selecting capture makes the Mech begin to take over the building. All buildings have 20 Points which must be removed before they become allied. A Mech takes 1 Point per HP that they have (So a Mech on 10 HP will take 10 Points at a time). Certain COs, such as Sami, can affect the rate which Mech capture a building.


Mechanized Infantry units are a far cry from the mobile but weak Infantry. They cost three times as much (3000 G vs 1000) and possess a proper primary weapon, the Bazooka. Bazookas work like tank rounds. Mech units engage only land vehicles with their bazookas; every other target (which is to say infantrymen, air vehicles, and sea vehicles) are fired upon with machine guns, which deal slightly more damage than standard infantry machine guns.

Mech units are the slowest in the game, at only 2 spaces moved per turn. To counter this they have the firepower of a tank (sans its defense). They are deadly against standard tanks and may exploit mountains; if one finds that the enemy must pass through a chokepoint with mountains, Mechs are a very cost-effective solution to defense. They are not very effective against Md Tanks or Neotanks, but as with the standard Infantry and Tanks, they may swarm these Md and Neo Tanks to death. They are deadly against Artillery and Rockets, but their slow speed makes them sitting ducks during an attack.

Mechanized Infantry units are very weak in defense, as the standard Infantry are. They are vulnerable to any Tank if attacked first, unless one uses the aforementioned mountain strategy. One must also manage their supplies; Mechs have less rations than standard Infantry (70 vs 99) and in a very long, protracted battle or defense, can run out of Bazooka rounds and be forced to resort to the much weaker machine gun.

In conclusion the Mech units are best used as swarmers and cheap anti-tank units; they are terrible at defending unless one has a terrain advantage with mountains. They are a good replacement for Infantry if one does not care about mobility.


One of the most used tactic is called a Mech Rush. It's just a continuous spam of Mechs that are usually used if there's a lot of mountains or forest. However, this tactic starts to lose its luster when a map has a small base to city ratio, as the opponent will be able to pump out better units per turn than you. This tactic is best used by Sami (mech strength increase, and better base capture) and best countered with Grit (longer range w/ artillery) since for all other COs, artillery has the same firing range of mechs leaving your artillery exposed.

Mechs are useful if your opponent is overwhelming you with vehicles, since Mechs have the same amount of firepower versus vehicles as Tanks do, but they cost less than half the price.

In Days of Ruin, Mechs can use their bazookas to blast tank units to kingdom come, but are vulnerable while advancing. Use other units as decoys (say, a low health recon) to bait the tank, and then swarm it with the mechs. Due to the cheaper cost, the Mech Swarm tactic, while slow, is a bit more effective than in previous installments.


The Orange Star/Rubinelle Mech soldier wields an American M20A1/A1B1 "Super Bazooka". The Orange Star soldier's alternate weapon is an M14 rifle, while the Rubinelle soldier's alternate weapon is an M16 rifle fired from the hip, with no apparent carrying handle.

The Blue Moon/Lazurian Mech soldier uses the Russian RPG-7 rocket launcher. Their second weapon is the PPS-43 for Blue Moon, and PPSh-41 for Lazuria.

The Green Earth Mech soldier uses WWII-era German Panzerfausts. Their alternate is an MP40 submachine gun.

The Black Hole Mech soldier also wields a Panzerfaust. As with the standard Infantry, they wield the G11 rifle as alternates, though they hold it from the side.

The Yellow Comet Mech soldier also uses a earlier M1 Bazooka. Their alternate is a Type 5 Experimental semi-automatic rifle (said semi-automatic property is disregarded by these Mechs, as they are fired in full-automatic as with the other machine guns).

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