Materials is a currency in Game Boy Wars 3. It is used along with Gold to build units.


Materials can be obtained by controlling Factories. Every 20 strength a Factory has provides 1 unit of Materials; in other words, the standard is 5 units.


As mentioned above, Materials is needed to build units, as well as repair them. Also, when the Constructor is resupplied at a Factory or HQ, it requires 1 unit of Materials to restore each unit of its Materials that it is missing in addition to the standard Gold cost.

Unit Group Materials
Infantry Unarmored 10
Mech Unarmored 12
Commando Unarmored 14
Constructor Unarmored 20
Supply Truck Unarmored 22
Supply Truck S Unarmored 24
Convoy Unarmored 20
Convoy S Unarmored 22
Buggy Unarmored 16
Buggy S Unarmored 18
Humvee Unarmored 17
Humvee S Unarmored 19
Armored Personnel Carrier Armored 24
Armored Personnel Carrier S Armored 26
Rocket Launcher Armored 32
Rocket Launcher S Armored 40
Anti-Air Tank Armored 30
Mercenary Anti-Air Tank Armored 34
Anti-Air Missile Launcher Armored 32
Anti-Air Missile Launcher S Armored 36
Artillery Armored 44
Artillery S Armored 50
Infantry Fighting Vehicle Armored 38
Infantry Fighting Vehicle S Armored 36
Tank Destroyer Armored 32
Tank Destroyer S Armored 42
Main Battle Tank Armored 46
Mercenary Tank Armored 48
Fighter A Air 86
Fighter B Air 72
Fighter S Air 94
Attacker A Air 84
Attacker B Air 76
Attacker S Air 96
Bomber Air 100
Mercenary Bomber Air 120
Transport Plane Air 100
Supply Plane Air 100
Battle Helicopter Air 52
Battle Helicopter S Air 55
Anti-Submarine Helicopter Air 60
Transport Helicopter Air 25
Transport Helicopter S Air 48
Aegis Warship Ship 180
Mercenary Missile Frigate Ship 200
Large Aircraft Carrier Ship 220
Small Aircraft Carrier Ship 150
Lander Ship 130
Tanker Ship 140
Submarine Submarine 160
Submarine S Submarine 180
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