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The Light tanks of each Force in AW2.

Light tanks, commonly referred to as just Tanks, are a Land Unit. They have appeared in every Advance Wars game. They are small and inexpensive, with a large movement range, making them easy to deploy in large numbers. They are weak against Anti-Tanks, as well as other, stronger Tanks, such as the Main Battle Tank, Neotank, and War Tank.

Game Information

Famicom Wars

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Super Famicom Wars

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Advance Wars

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Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

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Advance Wars: Dual Strike

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Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

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Light tanks are often the bread and butter of the battles, almost as much as infantry. How Light tanks are used will impact who wins and loses.

Light tanks are designed for decent power, armor, speed, and vision. While they may not be able to 1HK units without boosts, Light tanks are crucial to take control of the early to mid-game, as they are usually the only vehicular units affordable in bulk and are generally effective against other early game units. Even during late-game, they can still be useful and less risky when compared to the more expensive units.

Light tanks can harass capturing Infantry units. During fog of war, their 3 vision makes them formidable and counter recons. Recons are often left with 1-3 HP depending on terrain (enough for 1-2 infantries to chip the final damage) and an instant 1HK if boosted, causing your opponent to lose a lot of vision during fog of war. Tanks are also best used against Anti-Airs that will give your air units trouble. Light tanks are also a great counter to indirect units once spotted, either destroying them or forcing them to retreat. If you have the opportunity to take out a missile or rocket, always go for it as the value difference is tipped in your favor and those are a bigger threat.

That being said, do not expect to simply win a match with just light tanks. Always have an anti-air and indirects (and other units) ready to back up your tanks. B-Copters will do good damage to them, while they cannot properly fire back at them in exchange. Just 1 medium tank or larger will disrupt the tank spam as well. Indirects placed at choke spots mean that light tanks should not proceed until a plan is ready.

Tanks should obviously not be in range with the more expensive non-ground units like bombers and battleships unless you plan on baiting your opponent to attack it so that you can counter respond back. For stealths and seaplanes, it is possible to trap those units with light tanks and infantry to run out of fuel, although the cost differences may not be enough.

Also be careful against mechs. While normally you can do decent damage to them, mechs cost a lot less. If a mech does an offensive attack against a light tank, the value favors that of mechs, so tanks should avoid mech rushes and go after something else.