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Lash Out
Lash Out!.png
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty **
Term(s) Rout or HQ Capture within 7 days
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Sami
Orange Star, Player
CO 2 Lash
Black Hole, Enemy

Lash Out is the (?) mission of the Orange Star Campaign.


Sami: Enemies at sea and on land. Outwit them and capture the HQ!


Sami: According to our intel, it's just a little farther ahead...

Nell: Sami, how sure are you about this information's accuracy? It seems odd that Flak would be out here resting his troops.

Sami: I know, but do you really think Flak's capable of setting a trap?

Nell: Well, since you put it that way...


Lash: You're right! Flak didn't set a trap for you... I did! Flak doesn't have a cunning bone in his body!

Sami: Who's that? A little girl?

Nell: A Black Hole CO perhaps?

Lash: Tee hee hee! You got it! My name's Lash! Nice to meet you! Would you like to play with me? What do you say, grandma?

Nell: I do believe I'm being taunted. Sami? Bring her to me... alive.

Sami: Uh... OK.

Orange Star / Day 1

Nell: Look at this terrain... I think we'll need some naval units here. See that base up there? There's nothing we can do to keep it from the enemy. But if we ignore it, they'll use it to deploy ground unit after ground unit. Which means... there's only one way for us to proceed. We have to get to that isle and capture the enemy HQ!

Sami: Yes, ma'am! If victory relies on capturing, then I'm the right CO for the job!

Nell: As well you should be! You're quite skilled at securing properties. Plus, your transport units possess superior movement range. That goes for T copters and this lander as well! I'm sure you'll be able to handle all transports with ease. First, let's get that T copter out of trouble!

[You select the T copter unit.]

Nell: If we leave this T-copter here, those 2 A-air units will take it. If we go to sea, it becomes vulnerable to that cruiser. Both of these units can fire directly on air units. If that T copter gets hit, it doesn't stand a chance. Now, we could rely on its movement range and flee... But there's another way to keep it safe.

Sami: How?

Nell: Easy! Cruisers can carry up to 2 B copters or T copters! As long as the cruiser's safe, so are its passengers. As luck would have it, you have a cruiser under your command. Why don't you try it out?

[You select the Lander unit.]

Nell: What we have here is a lander. It transports troops in exactly the same way APCs do. It's also restricted to dropping units on terrain those units can traverse. It's unique in that it can carry 2 ground units at once. On this map, the only place it can drop troops is on shoals. It can normally use ports as well, but since there are no ports here...

Sami: Under these conditions, this lander is a unit I just can't do without.

Nell: I agree. You must be careful to keep it from being fired upon.

[You select the Cruiser unit.]

Nell: OK, let's take a look at the cruiser you've selected. It's a direct- combat unit, but it can only fire on certain units. It can only attack air units and subs. I believe it can reach the enemy sub from here, so go ahead and attack.

[You select the Submarine unit.]

Nell: You've selected a sub. Subs are direct-combat units. Subs can fire on all naval units, including the cruiser above. However, they're rather ineffective vs. cruisers, so don't expect too much. Subs also have the ability to dive under the surface of the sea.

Sami: Dive? That means they can't be attacked while submerged, right?

Nell: That's half true. They can't be fired upon by most units while submerged. However, other subs and cruisers can attack at any time. As you know, when naval units run out of fuel, they sink. Submerged subs use a lot more fuel. In fact, they use 5 units per day. If in danger, select Rise to surface, and head to port... Well, there are no ports here, so use an APC to refuel.

Sami: Yes, ma'am!

[You select the Battleship unit.]

Nell: This is a battleship. It's an indirect-combat naval unit. It can fire on both ground and naval units. It also has the largest range of fire of all indirect-combat units. It should be able to reach that rocket unit from its current location. Give it a try!

Black Hole / Day 1

Lash: Oh, I almost forgot. I have something to tell you! You know, I didn't lead you all the way out here for nothing. On day 7, Flak's bringing his troops, and we're gonna pinch you like a bug!

Sami: What?!?

Lash: Yep! You're running out of time!

Nell: Well, isn't this an unpleasant surprise. This Black Hole CO has a brain. OK, Sami, you heard her! Flak and his goons are closing in! We've got to clear this map within 7 days! Here's your chance to prove your rep for surprising the foe is deserved.

Sami: Yes, ma'am! I'll give it my best shot!

Orange Star / Day 2

Nell: Day 2... Let me tell you a bit more about these naval units. At the beginning of each day, naval units burn 2 units of fuel. If their fuel supply runs out, they sink and vanish. To refuel, place naval units in ports or move them next to APCs.

Sami: Understood!

Nell: OK. I'm going to leave the rest of this battle up to you. Good luck!

[Once your CO power meter is full:]

Nell: Sami! Your CO Power Meter's full!

Sami: Huh? It doesn't look full to me...

Nell: Your Power Meter has two levels: a normal CO Power level and a Super CO Power level. You have enough energy now for a normal CO Power. You can use it now or wait and save up for a Super CO Power. How you use your CO Powers is completely up to you. The well-timed use of a CO Power can alter the course of a battle. To use a CO Power, select Power from the map menu.

Sami: Understood!

Orange Star / Day 6

Nell: Flak's troops arrive tomorrow. I wonder if Sami's OK.

[After you have defeated all the enemy units / captured the enemy HQ:]

Nell: Congratulations, Sami! You won!

Sami: Whew... I came through somehow.

Nell: Now, I'd like to talk to our energetic little friend again. Sami! Drag her over here, please.

Sami: Uh, I... Yes, ma'am!

Lash: ......

Nell: Wait a minute... This isn't that brat! This... This is...

Sami: It's a dummy.

Nell: She escaped!? Unbelievable! She played us like a pair of fools! Flak's troops are closing in. Let's get out of here!

Sami: What a troublesome pair they turned out to be...