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Lander Information
Rubinelle Lazurian/IDS
DoRLander.png DoRLanderAlt.png
Landers can carry 2 ground units.
If the lander sinks, the units vanish.
None None
Cost 10,000 Inftry Hyphen.png
Gas 99 Veh Hyphen.png
Ammo N/A Air Hyphen.png
Mobility 6 Heli Hyphen.png
Vision 1 Ship Hyphen.png
Range N/A Sub Hyphen.png
IconMovement.pngMovement Trpt IconCombat.pngCombat Ship
Abilities • Drop
 IconRedWarning.png IconBomber.png
 IconYellowWarning.png IconSeaplane.pngIconSubmarine.pngIconBattleship.pngIconRockets.png
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Landers(Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict) or 輸送船(失われた光) are naval transport units that can transport any 2 Land Units across the seas. While Gunboats are cheaper and somewhat faster, landers make up for it with their expanded transport capabilities.

Landers are initially introduced in A Storm Brews, and become buildable in Greyfield Strikes.



Changes from Dual Strike

  • Cost (12000G -> 10000G)


In archipelago-styled maps, Landers are crucial for island-hopping, capturing bases on one island and eliminating any hostiles on that island, then move on to the next island. In order to load and unload troops, Lander must be positioned on shoals or a non-hostile Port.

Landers are important for conducting surprise naval invasions behind enemy's lines. Carrying 2 units of any kind is an ability not to be overlooked, as a loaded Loader without any proper counter can bring with it units capable of laying ruins to one's bases, if the Lander is allowed to reach its destination.

However, Landers are vulnerable to indirect attacks, Submarines, Bombers and Battle-Copters as well as any vehicular units if the Lander is on a shoal tile. Most often, 2 attacks from any indirects, Submarines or Bombers can take out a Lander, as well as all units loaded in the Lander when it is destroyed. If the Lander's destruction is inevitable, try to find a Shoal or a non-hostile Port to unload your unit to prevent them from being destroyed alongside the Lander.

Competitive Play

A Lander in Advance Wars : Days of Ruin

In maps where there are a lot of islands or a large body of water, Landers are necessary for players to gain a foothold on enemy's territory. Transport Helicopters can only transport foot soldiers, while Landers can bring powerful tank units with them for a more effective assault on enemy's islands. Remember to look out for Submarines and indirects, and if the economy allows, build some Cruisers to protect your Landers from air units and Submarines. For its one but pivotal purpose, Landers are a cheap transport unit commonly found in any maps that provide players with a Port.