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Appearances Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Specialty Urban Warfare
Affiliation Black Hole
CO power Urban Blight
Super CO power High Society
Power Meter AdWar-Sml.pngAdWar-Sml.pngAdWar-Sml.pngAdWar-Med.pngAdWar-Med.pngAdWar-Med.png
Hits Anything Chic
Misses Anything Passe

Kindle (Japanese: キャンドル, Candle) (known as Candy in the European version) is a Black Hole CO. She is Jugger and Koal's commanding officer and a member of the Bolt Guard. She has a blunt, queenlike personality and is highly vain. As a city slicker, she excels at urban warfare. She is also professional at insulting people she sees inferior to her, calling them rubes and plebeians. She is also not above threatening her underlings, such as when she threatens that she'll melt Jugger down into shell casings.

CO abilities

Firepower of all her on-property units is increased to 140%. This goes for all enemy, neutral or owned bases, ports, cities, and airports.

CO power

Urban Blight - Her Units gain a firepower boost of 40% on properties, making her firepower 180% (from 140%) on all property spaces. All enemy units resting on a property are damaged by 3 HP.

Super CO power

High Society - Grants her Units an astounding 90% firepower boost when attacking on properties (from 140%), making her firepower 230% on all property spaces. In addition, every property under her control increases her Units' firepower by 3%.

Tag Breaks

Kindle has Tag Breaks with the following COs:


Kindle should be played with cities in mind. The frontline cities should be captured as soon as possible to avoid problems with using her back cities to defend. The infantry fights while you are capturing a city is a win on your end because of that mass firepower, thus forcing the opposition to use more powerful units like Tanks or Artillery to go against Infantry. Protecting your cities is also a priority, especially when placing an Artillery or a Rocket in a city to potentially One-Hit Kill units. Be careful on being baited out of cities.

However, be wary that you still have to progress once the battles start. Outside of cities, your units are 100/100, so approach carefully.

In smaller maps or in maps where buildings are lacking, Kindle struggles a lot. In maps that are too dependent on Naval, Kindle is placed on a hard spot: Should Kindle remain in a Seaport to mass damage with indirect naval units or continuously produce units without the 140/100 stat?

Although the power increase of her SCOP is massive, spamming her regular CO Power is more preferred. The damage inflicted will result in enemy units on enemy properties to spend their money on repairs, and even so, they still won't be at full health that turn (unless it's Rachel and unharmed). In addition, it makes capturing more difficult for enemy units, forcing an extra turn (if full health).


Dual Strike


"Ah ha ha! It's showtime!"

"I suppose we should switch."


"Still putting up a fight? Unbelievable!"

"Let us play a more dangerous game, shall we? I grow weary of this."

"So you want to see me get serious? Very well! You asked for it!"

"I am Kindle... gorgeous AND clever!"

"Even the prettiest rose has thorns!"

"Ah ha ha! Beg for mercy, rat!"


"I won again? This is getting so boring."

"Winning is almost as wonderful as I am. Ah ha ha!"

"Ah ha ha! Pathetic."


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