Appearances Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Specialty High quality Units
Affiliation Yellow Comet
CO power Morale Boost
Super CO power Samurai Spirit
Power Meter AdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-Med
Hits Sonja
Misses Computers

Kanbei (Japanese: キクチヨ, Kikuchiyo) is a CO of Yellow Comet. He is the father of Sonja and the emperor of Yellow Comet.


Kanbei is a light-skinned man who has brown hair tied into a ponytail at the back. He has thick brown eyebrows, a mustache and some stubble. Kanbei wears a yellow uniform with a brown cape. His uniform has a belt with a silver buckle and a yellow color with some sort of red insignia. He also wears brown boots and carries a sword with a sheath in Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising.


Kanbei is somewhat hotheaded and willing to fight for his loyal subjects, regardless of consequence to himself. This shows a form of samurai spirit. He deeply cares for his daughter and is a bit overprotective of her, often to the point of embarassing her. However, Kanbei is rather air-headed and occasionally forgets even the basics of combat. In these cases, Sonja tends to stop her father from making an otherwise terrible decision. Kanbei was taught by Sensei.

Advance Wars

CO abilities

All Kanbei's units have the offense and defense of 120%, but they also cost 20% more to deploy.

CO power

Morale Boost - Increases the firepower of all Kanbei's Units by 17% and defense by 10%

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

CO abilities

All Kanbei's units have the offence and defence of 130%, but their price is also 20% higher.

CO power

Morale Boost - Increases the firepower of Kanbei's Units to 150%. Their defence also rises to 140%.

Super CO power

Samurai Spirit - Increases the firepower of Kanbei's Units to 150%. Their defence rises to 160%. Firepower increased by 1.5 when inflicting damage in counter attacks.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

CO abilities

All Kanbei's units have the offence and defence of 120%, but they also cost 20% more to deploy.

CO power

Morale Boost - Increases the offence of Kanbei's Units to 160%. They also get a defence bonus of 10%.

Super CO power

Samurai Spirit - Increases the offence and defence of Kanbei's Units to 170%. Firepower doubles when inflicting damage in counter attacks.

Tag Breaks

Kanbei has Tag Breaks with the following COs:


The mantra of Kanbei is essentially, "pay more for quality". His stronger than average units will put up a good fight between enemy units of the same type. Kanbei's extra defense is really the major threat here; having Kanbei park his units on terrain such as cities and the like can make fighting against him almost impossible. In Advance Wars 2, Kanbei is considered to be very over powered, as his new 130/130 unit stats are just too much for most COs to match up against. With significantly higher defense, Kanbei's units can hold their own even against unfavorable matchups(i.e. Tanks v.s. Medium Tanks). Kanbei also has a tendency to absolutely crush enemy units if he gets the first strike. If not annihilated, 1 or 2 HP enemy units will hardly do damage to Kanbei's troops. Terrain like cities bolster his units to brutal 130/160 stats, making properties extremely difficult to contest with. His CO Power is good, but you shouldn't use it, because for just a few more stars, his Super CO Power is ridiculously good.  You get the insanely good offense boost that Grimm and Max get, but you also get a high defense which makes his units near-invincible in battle. In fact, units on four-star defensive terrain during the Super CO Power actually become immune to damage!(Advance Wars 2 only) If there was any need for further incentive for the opponent to want to stay away from Kanbei's units during his Super CO Power, the counter-attacking bonus is great too.

In pre-deployed maps (such as many Dual Strike missions), he is one of the best CO's, since deploying (his main weakness) doesn't matter.  Even in maps where the player must deploy units, he's an excellent CO.  His offense and defense boost is universal.  He has Sami-like Infantry units, Jess-like vehicles, Eagle-like aircrafts, Drake-like ships and he's like Javier with two Comm Towers.

Kanbei, especially in Advance Wars 2, can be a nightmare to fight against. Due to his superior troops, only a few COs like Max can match Kanbei in a battle of pure combat strength. It is practically a given that Kanbei will have less units than the enemy on average since they are more expensive. Despite higher defense, indirect units can still do decent damage against Kanbei's troops or at least whittle them down. While Kanbei can handle swarms of weak units with his higher stats, the inverse is also true. Even the mightiest of beasts can fall eventually, so Colin and Sensei are examples of COs who can just completely overwhelm him with infinite floods of troops. Large maps and maps reliant on naval units tend to hurt Kanbei, since the already expensive naval units become all the more costly while he is forced to pay more for transport units that do not become much better. Despite all this, Kanbei's incredible unit stats and insane Super CO Power make him an excellent CO, even in Advance Wars 1 and Dual Strike.


Dual Strike


"Observe the heart of a true Samurai!"

"True Samurai do not know the meaning of retreat!"

"Kanbei is here! All hail the emperor of Yellow Comet!"

"I hope you thoroughly enjoy the taste of my sword!"


"Let us fight with honor!"

"Let me help our cause!"


"Listen to the foe from afar... Watch him up close."

(with Javier)

Javier: "Are my tactics of the pleasing sort, Sir Kanbei?"

Kanbei: "Stunning! I am in awe!"

Javier: "Chivalry is king!"

Kanbei: "And my sword is swift!"

(with Sonja)
Advance Wars Dual Strike Kanbei's Theme-0

Advance Wars Dual Strike Kanbei's Theme-0

Sonja: "I knew we would win. Didn't you, Father?"
Kanbei: "Indeed! Victory was a certainty!"

Kanbei: "I love you, Sonja! Do you hear, world? I love her!"
Sonja: "Father, stop! You're embarrassing me!"

Kanbei: "On to the next battle! Yellow Comet, away!"
Sonja: "Father, wait! You forgot your sword!"


  • In Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, there is a glitch when using his super power where his units will still deal damage to the enemy by counterattacking, even if they are completely destroyed. It is unknown if it is possible to destroy an enemy unit by doing this.
  • In Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, the CPU AI never attack his units (without or with CO Power) if he has 1-star terrain more than the attacking unit.
  • In Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, If Kanbei activates his Super CO Power, if any infantry he has deployed are located on the HQ or on a Mountain, than it is quite literally impossible to kill his troops as they take a whooping 0% damage on those tiles. This is because Kanbei's troops receive a 30% defense bonus on a daily basis, then Troops receive 40% defense when located on an HQ or Mountain tile. Coupled with the added 30% defense from the Super CO Power means Kanbei takes 100% less damage, or no damage at all, meaning he cannot be damaged at all from any sources. This was eventually fixed in Advance Wars: Dual Strike with Kanbei's daily bonus decreased to 120/120 stats instead of 130/130 stats, therefore making it so he takes 90% damage instead of 100%. It's still a very ludicrous defense bonus though.
  • The Advance Wars mission, Kanbei's Error, is well known for its humorous dialogue and Kanbei's horrible tactics. Several of his quotes such as "Kanbei must have bases too!" and "I shall deploy a mountain of troops!" have become well-known phrases in the Advance Wars community.
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