Appearances Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Specialty Dispersion
Affiliation Black Hole
CO power Overclock
Super CO power System Crash
Power Meter AdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-Med
Hits Energy
Misses Static Electricity

Jugger (Japanese: ジーポ, Zipo) is a robot-like CO of the Black Hole Army with a few personality glitches that need to be ironed out (he speaks in robot-ese; i.e., "Omega Land rebooting" or "Kindle brilliance: 10 Ghz and rising". His true identity is unknown.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

CO abilities

Similarly to Flak, Jugger's units are affected by Dispersion. They can do as much as 30% more damage or they can do 15% less damage, making Jugger "riskier" to use than Flak.

CO power

Overclock - Further increases Dispersion range. His Units can do up to 55% more damage, or they might do 25% less damage. Additionally, his units get a 10% offense and defense boost.

Super CO power

System Crash - Greatly increases Dispersion. His units are able to do up to 95% bonus damage or they may end up with 45% damage reduction. His troops also receive a 10% bonus to offense and defense.

Tag Breaks

Jugger has Tag Breaks with the following COs:

  • Koal, 110%, "Power Surge" (2 stars)
  • Kindle, 105%, "Fireworks" (1 star)


The potential luck bonus, even in context of the damage reduction risk, is useful. If you use Infantry units to attack more powerful enemy units, the opponent (on average) will lose more monetary value than you.

Compared to the two other luck-based CO's, Jugger may be the weakest. His day to day dispersion only lets him do 5% more damage than Flak at best, and it comes with an a compensation increased penalty as well. Compared to Nell, his potential offense is superior, but Nell doesn't come with a 15% risk that Jugger's does.

With his Super CO Power, Jugger's is potentially more damaging than Flak's, although it comes with more greater damage reduction risk. Nell's CO Power increases luck up to 100% (compared to Jugger's 95%) and it has no risk at all (as opposed to Jugger's [up to] 45% damage reduction possibility). Also, Jugger's power meter is the longest of he 3 CO's, at 7 stars.


Dual Strike


"All systems go."

"Jugger rebooted. Ready to smash."


"Approaching system meltdown."

"All systems go."

"Enemy system purge initiated."

"Blue screen of death!"

"Memory: upgraded. Shell: shined. Ready to...uh... roll."


(with cloned Drake)

Jugger: "..."

Drake: "Awaiting orders."

Jugger: "Initiate battle programming..."

Drake: "By your command."

Jugger: "..."


(with Koal)

Jugger:"Jugger shut down. Zzzz...... Zzzz...... Mommy"

Koal:"Jugger, are you okay?"

(with Kindle)

Kindle:"Jugger, come on, bring me some sugar!"

Jugger:"Kindle... beautiful, Kindle... brilliant"

Kindle:"Jugger, bring me some sugar!"

Jugger:"Kindle eats too much, Kindle will be fat."


Jugger's true identity is unknown. Many say Jugger is actually a human, or a CO, either controlling or wearing Jugger. As mentioned below in Trivia, Von Bolt does not appear in any scenarios that Jugger does. This implies yet more mystery, however a very possible reason could be that Von Bolt controls Jugger out of battle. Many other possibilities still remain.


  • It is implied that Jugger could in fact be Flak, given the almost identical abilities and CO Powers. This is further hinted at by the fact that Flak does not appear in the Advance Wars: Dual Strike storyline and that he knows Andy. Though this is very unlikely, Flak has respect for Lash and Hawke, while Jugger has no respect for either. Finally Flak is also has a low rank compared to Jugger.
  • Mysteriously, Jugger does not appear in cutscenes where Von Bolt does.

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