Appearances Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Specialty Ground Units
Affiliation Green Earth and Allied Nation
CO power Turbo Charge
Super CO power Overdrive
Power Meter AdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-Med
Hits Dandelions
Misses Unfit COs

Jess (Japanese: ハンナ, Hannah) is a CO from one of the countries of the Allied Nations, Green Earth. She is one of the last CO's introduced in the second game; she debuts in the Green Earth campaign, which is the last of the Allied Nations' campaign.


Jess is a gallant tank-driving CO who excels at analyzing information. She is noticeably cool during the heat of battle. She often argues with Eagle (despite him being her superior), calling him nothing more than a "glorified flyboy." She dislikes "unfit COs," implying her distaste toward him. She also likes dandelions.

CO Abilities

Under Jess's command, all vehicles have a 110% boost. All other units have only 90% in firepower. This is changed in Dual Strike, where her vehicles have 120% firepower and her infantry have normal power, finally making her a true ground specialist.

CO Power

Turbo Charge: Replenishes fuel and ammunition for all units. Firepower of all vehicular units rises to 130%(150% in Dual Strike), and they receive a +1 movement bonus. All units gain +10% defence.

Super CO Power

Overdrive: Firepower of all vehicular units rises to 150%(170% in Dual Strike) and they receive a +2 movement bonus. All units are also refueled and resupplied. All units gain +10% defence.


In Advance Wars 2, Jess is among the weakest COs in the game. The 10% firepower to vehicles is generally insignificant, only noticeable with the bigger units like Neotanks or Rockets. The reduced firepower of infantry, air units, and naval units is a major drawback that prevents many players from using her. Weaker infantry means that Jess will struggle more than anyone else during the early game where capturing properties is vital. Her infantry will be worse at defending her properties and at disrupting enemy infantry captures. As naval combat is hardly ideal in Advance Wars 2, her lowered firepower does not matter too much. On the other hand, commonly used air units like Battle Copters become much less threatening in her hands. Jess's powers give a nice firepower boost as well as a movement boost, which is always significant. The ammo and fuel restoration is rather mundane and not very notable.

Jess was significantly buffed in Dual Strike; her infantry now have normal firepower and her vehicle units also have higher firepower. Her CO powers have higher offensive boosts, almost as high as those of Max's and Grimm's. Overall, she is now one of the better COs in Dual Strike, finally being a ground specialist with a threat to her name.

Tag Breaks

Jess has Tag Breaks with the following COs:

  • Jake, 110%, "Heavy Metal" (1 star)
  • Javier, 110%, "Green Flash" (1 star)
  • Eagle 105%
  • Drake 105%
  • Hawke 90% 
  • Von Bolt 90%


Dual Strike


"Let's switch now. It's for the best."

"Just another CO? Guess again!"


"Here's my chance..."

"Weakness has no place on the battlefield..."

"No fear. No hesitation."

"Time to turn the tables."

Campaign, Pre-Battle

Final Battle

"Even the brightest of fires will eventually flicker out. That's the way of the world. There is no such thing as an enemy without a weakness."

(with Jake)

Jess: "Hey, Jake? Let me give you one final piece of advice. You said you fight to defend others, right? Well, you sometimes must defend yourself. If we lose you, that would make the people back home... and me... sad. You get me?"

Jake: "Yeah, Jess... I gotcha. Thanks. For everything."

(with Javier)

Javier: "At last! This old knight is going to make one final, glorious charge! Fighting to defend a lady is the knight's greatest honor... I shall defend you, Dame Jess, even if it means my life is forfeit!"

Jess: "Hmmm... Yes... Quite. Much appreciated, thanks. But since you're so excited, I'll leave the defending to you and focus on offense. Come on, Javier! Let's go for the jugular!"


"This battle will advance my tactical research."

(with Jake)

Jess: "We're the best team ever for tank battles."
Jake: "It's true. No one can match us."

Jess: "I see... Results improve depending on your partner..."
Jake: "Yeah, you're the bomb, Jess."


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