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The intro screen to the mission

It's War is the first mission of the Advance Wars campaign for both the normal and Advance campaign. It serves as a basic first mission where the player can familiarize themselves with game play after finishing the initial tutorial.

Run down

Being the first mission of the campaign and arguably the first proper mission of the campaign "It's War" is a fairly balanced Pre-deploy map in which both factions are given a decent force. This mission features Blue Moon CO Olaf as the enemy, as well as newly introduced Andy of Orange Star as the player CO.


Being the first mission of the campaign, the player is given a fairly diverse and easy to handle force.


Pre-Battle dialogue

Olaf: Orange Star forces? / Here so soon? / But, wait...Something's not right here. / Nell wouldn't leave Orange Star's capital city unguarded. / Which means... a new commanding officer? / Ha,ha,ha! Excellent! / I've lost a few battles lately, but no more! / An Orange Star army without Nell is no match for me! / Time to teach this raw recruit what war's all about!

Andy: (Before CO select) I'm Andy! Pleased to meet you, (Adviser name)