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Appearances Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Specialty Everything
Affiliation 12th Battalion
CO power Deep Strike
CO Zone 2
Hits Will
Misses Amnesia
“Has no memory of her past. Rescued by Will, she has joined the 12th Battalion--where she dreams of living in peace.

"I can't remember anything..."”

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin CO Description

Isabella (known as Catleia in the European version of the game) is a CO of the 12th Battalion. She is a young girl, with blue-white hair and pale skin, rescued from a building by Will. She has no memory of who she is, though somehow knows detailed military information. Eventually she grows an attraction to Will which throughout the game becomes more and more apparent.

She first appears in Stage 2, "A Single Life". She is barely alive, but manages to hold on long enough to get back to camp. There, the heroes (Lin, Brenner, and Will) learn that she is amnesiac, but knows detailed knowledge about the Rubinelle Military. Brenner attempts to give them a safe refuge at a town called Freehaven, but after a few skirmishes with a pack of raiders led by The Beast, Will and the other civilians with Brenner decide to stay with him and the battalion.

Isabella got her name when Will finds a plastic flower in some ruins and gives it to her. She remembers what the flower is called; Cattleya Isabella. (In the European release the flower is simply called a catleia). She takes her name from this Will then dubs her Isabella because Cattleya is too hard to pronounce.

After Caulder preforms his "Fear Experiment", the heroes learn about the virus the Creeping Derengea, or "The Creeper". Isabella becomes infected with the virus, since it only affects young people for some reason. Will is frightened and runs from her since he doesn't want to become infected, but is later ashamed of this act and apologizes. The heroes manage to get to a nuclear shelter constructed for Rubinelle's political elite in case of and all-out nuclear war with Lazuria. Interestingly enough, Isabella was the one who told them of its existence. Also, ever since she became infected with The Creeper, she was randomly muttering a ten-digit number; the password needed to get into the shelter.

Eventually, the heroes learn who she is: one of the cloned children of Dr. Caulder. This causes the civilian opinion to turn against her. Deeply hurt, she leaves camp and surrenders to Caulder. She is placed in the laboratory on board The Great Owl.

Will decides to rescue her, reinforcing the idea that he is experiencing some sort of attraction to her. As he puts it: "I couldn't care if you came from a mother or a tank!"

When the 12th pursues Caulder to The Nest, she gives the 12th the information needed to destroy the Nest (smash the laser cannons). She has apparently comes to terms with her origins, and wishes to prove that one's origins do not dictate how they turn out.

CO Abilities


Isabella's Theme

Lost Memories

CO Zone

+10% ATK and DEF boost to all units, similar to Forsythe, starting at 2-range.

CO Power

Deep Strike(Days of Ruin) - Overlord(Dark Conflict)

  • +2 movement and +2 Range to all units.

This is essentially a combination of Will's, Gage's, and Tasha's CO Powers, in addition of moving naval units by 2 that doesn't exist with other COs.


She is currently classified as the top CO in the competitive game. It is very easy to underestimate her power that has the same small boosts as Forsythe, making it seem like her engagements with powered up units will be against her. However, her unit versatility will still shred unspecialized and unboosted units in the CO Zone. The versatility alone can grow her CO Gauge very quickly and with less hesitation.

Her CO Power is where the true power shines and should be activated almost every time. The +2 movement to all units means you can push your units closer to the front lines. The additional +2 range means your indirects can clear paths for the bigger push. Thanks to Battleships being able to move and attack at the same time, they technically get a +4 range in attack, making them the fastest unit to engage in battle. There is almost no consequences for activating her CO Power.

In short, she is the overall package.

Against Isabella:

  • She is the most difficult CO to predict, so try to rely on what is on the current plate and guess which CO Unit or strategy she is using for her CO Range.
  • Usually, your CO Power increase will outpower hers in a CO Zone Vs. CO Zone matchup. Use that to your advantage to get closer to her CO Unit. Don't get overly reckless though.
  • Take out her CO Unit as fast as possible! Allowing her to use her CO Power can easily end games, even on choke points. Her CO Power gives far too many options on what she'll do against you.
  • Spread your units. You do not want Isabella to activate her CO Power.


As Isabella

Against Isabella


  • According to Cyrus, her real name is Lutharia (Luthia in the European version), as explained in Stage 24, "Crash Landing".
  • Isabella is the only CO that never controls an army in the campaign; however, you can fight as and against her in some trial missions.
  • In the European version of the game, she is named Catleia, which means that part of the scene where she is named has been altered.
  • Internally, she is called "Cat" and "Cat_Nazo" when first met, nazo meaning "mystery".


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