The Infantry of each Force from AW2.


A lone Infantry from AWDoR.

Infantry are a kind of land unit. They have appeared in every Advance Wars game so far, though with some slight changes in each. They are the cheapest unit to purchase, and thus one of the weakest, though they do have their uses. Infantry have a farther movement range than mechs, which makes them superior to capping. They also boast similar defense; however, mechs deal much more damage than infantry. Sensei may deploy masses of infantry with his CO power.

Game Information

Famicom Wars

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Game Boy Wars 1/2/Turbo

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Super Famicom Wars

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Game Boy Wars 3

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Advance Wars

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Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

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Advance Wars: Dual Strike

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Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

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In every game they have appeared in, Infantry units have the unique ability to capture neutral or enemy buildings. When standing on one of these, they have the option to Capture as well as Wait or Fire (as long as an enemy is adjacent); this will remove a building point (starting at 20) for every health point an Infantry unit has. For example, a 10 hp Infantry (i.e. an undamaged one) will take 10 hp off a building, and capture it in 2 turns.


Although weak they are one of the few Units which can capture Buildings. This makes them valuable to have both at the start of the fight, or even towards the end (when capturing the opponent's HQ). They are the least effective units in terms of direct attack and defense; Mech units deal slightly more damage and have slightly more defense than standard Infantry. Infantry units are also slow at only 3 movement per turn; however they may move through mountain, wood, and other terrain.


When facing Infantry it's best to either swarm them with other Infantry, or use a single effective Unit, such as an Anti-Air. Infantry units may be weak, but they will take about a healthpoint off even a Tank, meaning that infantry can- and often will- swarm you to death.

It's best to deploy Infantry at the beginning of a battle, exploiting their extremely cheap cost, so as to capture as many buildings as possible. As the battle progresses keep a few hanging around so as to take any more buildings.

Another tactic is to use Infantry as cannon fodder, and take fire for more valuable units. For example, to protect an artillery from enemy tanks, the Infantry can form "meat walls" around the artillery, thus protecting it from direct fire. The low cost, high versatility, and the fact that they can usually survive with 1 or 2 HP if attacked by a lower level ground unit makes them ideal for this strategy.

If one can deploy T Copters, or has access to them, they can execute a daring raid on the enemy HQ, attempting to capture it before the enemy can react. In the first Advance Wars, this is best executed in mission 3 (Aerial Ace); one must protect their only T Copter with swarms of anti-air, and once all of Eagle's air units are dead, they must carefully fly a T Copter to the enemy base (which is close by on another island, and is faraway from friendly units) avoiding his anti-air, then capture it. This is best countered by protecting the HQ with anti-air (Missiles will reliably one-shot a T Copter at range, while Anti-Air tanks can deal with capturing Infantry quite easily) and it is extremely dangerous on those maps with Bases around their HQs, where if one slips up the enemy will be able to shred them on the next turn after deploying a unit.

In Days of Ruin, the Infantry meatshielding tactic could actually backfire against players when used improperly. Not only does the 1500 cost hurt the meatshielding tactic, but destroyed units only give quicker Veteran Status to already powerful units. In addition, this tactic can be slower to execute than bike spamming due to Bikes being faster on distance. The only times meatshielding can work effectively with less benefits for the opponent is if you are guarding your CO Unit.


The Orange Star Infantry is based on WWII or Vietnam War era American infantry. Their guns resemble the M14 battle rifle, and they wear an M1 helmet. They appear to fire from the hip.

The Blue Moon Infantry is based on Soviet-era Russian infantry. Their guns resemble the PPS-43 submachine gun, judging by the grip, and they wear "garrison caps" (pilotkas), standard-issue summer headgear for WWII-era Soviet armed forces. Unlike the Orange Star forces, they fire from the shoulder.

The Green Earth Infantry is based on WWII-era German infantry. Their weapons resemble the MP40 submachine gun, and they wear long trench coats and Stahlhelms. They fire from the hip in classical Nazi German fashion.

The Yellow Comet Infantry is based on WWII-era Japanese infantry. Their guns resemble the Arisaka/Type 5 Experimental semi-automatic rifle. They wear large backpacks. They fire from the shoulder.

The Black Hole Infantry has no resemblance to any modern-day infantry unit, instead being generic "spacesuit men". They apparently use the G11 rifle, though their method of holding it is somewhat strange (the Black Hole infantryman grips his G11 by the side, and with his trigger hand as well.) They appear to fire from the hip, perhaps explaining their damage variance under COs like Flak.

The Rubinelle Army Infantry retains the Vietnam War era American infantry sprite. But their guns now resemble the M16 assault rifle without a carrying handle and a 20 round magazine. Like the Orange Star incarnation, they fire from the hip.

The Lazurian Army Infantry unit still retains the Soviet-era infantry sprite but different graphics. Their guns now resemble the PPSh-41 submachine gun, judging by the barrel, wooden buttstock, and the 71-round drum magazine. They still fire from the shoulder.