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Appearances Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising and Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Specialty Everything
Affiliation Black Hole, Allied Nation
CO power Black Wave
Super CO power Black Storm
Power Meter AdWar-Sml.pngAdWar-Sml.pngAdWar-Sml.pngAdWar-Sml.pngAdWar-Sml.pngAdWar-Med.pngAdWar-Med.pngAdWar-Med.pngAdWar-Med.png
Hits Black coffee
Misses Incompetence

Hawke (Japanese: ホーク, Hawk) (known as Maverick in European version of the game) is a Black Hole CO, first appearing in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. He is the second to last Black Hole CO to appear, appearing in Green Earth.

Hawke is a ruthless and intelligent CO. He is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve victory, even sacrificing the well being of his troops. He is a very talented CO, devising brilliant plans and entrusted by Sturm to command the rest of the Black Hole COs.

All of his units are stronger than average (110% firepower to be exact). However, he has the second longest CO meter in the series. He will stop at nothing to achieve his objectives.


Hawke is generally stern and humorless. He shows little regard for his opponents besides gauging their skill level. However, despite being a Black Hole CO, he is not entirely evil. Hawke seems to have his own personal motivation of gaining power by killing even Sturm, his superior, in Advance Wars 2. Hawke is more respectful than the other Black Hole COs; he does not insult his opponents and holds true to his promises.

Hawke has an odd relationship with Andy. While he is put off by Andy's youthful energy, he respects Andy as a CO and does not hold any grudges from being defeated by him. Hawke also shows some compassion for Lash in Dual Strike, apologizing for putting her in such a difficult situation by deserting the Black Hole. Hawke created an intense rivalry between him and Eagle due to mainly attacking Green Earth during Advance Wars 2.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

Joining Black Hole with no told reason, his task was to attack Green Earth by the order of Sturm at the first dialog box. During the war, Hawke was second in command of Black Hole's army, only taking orders from Sturm. He then attacks and gets a great deal of land, until Jess comes, teams up with Eagle and Drake, counterattacks against Hawke, and destroys a factory. He then retreats back into Black Hole territory when Orange Star, Blue Moon, Green Earth, and Yellow Comet team up to attack Black Hole and end the war. However, Sturm attacks and tries to destroy everyone, but Hawke steps in and kills him personally using his CO power. He then gives some words and leaves.

If you play Hard Mode, you can actually play against him with Andy. He claims of wanting to test his skills, in which Andy showed and gets the best of him.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

In Dual Strike, Hawke is still with the Black Hole army and retains his Machiavellian nature, although he is not as high-ranking of an officer as he was previously. At first, he doesn't even know who the new leader of Black Hole is, due to another taking up the lead after the vacuum of power was created from the assassination of Sturm.

After the Allied Nations fights him, he questions Kindle about who the new leader is, where she teases him about it before leaving. Later on Kindle heads to Von Bolt and tells him about Hawke's restlessness and his questioning, and suggests a quick ridding of him and Lash. Upon being discovered after trailing Kindle to Von Bolt, Hawke has a short conversation with the new leader, right before Kindle gives the command to kill Hawke and Lash by sending Oozium 238s to kill them.

The duo flees and is saved by the Allied Nations, and for the sake of survival, they decide to join them in their efforts to defeat Black Hole. While Hawke is reluctant to bond with the COs, he slowly begins to trust his new comrades. His dialogue suggests that he viewed Lash as a friend rather than a simple coworker, and he developed a friendship with Jake. They finally fight and defeat Von Bolt in his own secret base. After the COs defeat Von Bolt he tries to destroy them with the giant Oozium. However, Hawke comes and uses the chair to prevent Omega Land from being destroyed.

Although the Allied Nations seemed to believe he perished in the aftermath, Hawke survived the ensuing destruction, as noted by Kindle in a comment during the ending. Kindle also mentioned that he escaped with Von Bolt's Chair intact, and they notice that Hawke chose to restore Omega Land to its former state, as opposed to using it to build an army of his own. Hawke is not actually seen at the ending of Dual Strike.

CO Powers

All units are powered up to 110% in offense. However, his CO power meter is larger than most other CO's. (It states in Black Hole Rising that his CO Gauge charges slower however this actually isn't the case.)

Normal CO power

Black Wave - All enemy units suffer 1 HP. In addition, all Hawke's damaged units recover 1 HP and gain +10% to offense and defense. (Attack bonus is available in Dual-Strike only)

Super CO Power

Black Storm - All enemy units suffer 2 HP. In addition, all Hawke's damaged units recover 2 HP and gain +10% to offense and defense. (Attack bonus is available in Dual-Strike only)

Tag Breaks

Hawke has Tag Breaks with the following COs:


His units are 110/100 on a daily basis. This daily ability affects all units in all circumstances giving him a slight advantage over most CO's. Also, none of his units suffer from weaknesses.

While it's a myth that Hawke's power meter charges at a slower rate than other CO's, it is true that he has one of the longest power meters in the series (equal to Eagle and just 1 star smaller than Sturm's and Von Bolt's). Since his regular CO Power costs 5 stars, it's often more economical to just be patient and get the full effects of his Super CO Power.

His Super CO Power costs 9 stars, but it is one of the strongest in the game. It essentially like a combination of Andy's healing and the damage that Olaf/Drake deal. It affects the entire map and not the areas where there's combat going on. The higher the unit counts, the stronger the effect.

This 4HP swing adds up to more than the sum of its parts. Your formerly 6HP unit is now on equal footing with the enemy's formerly 10HP unit. Or, if both of your units were at 5HP, yours becomes 7 and their's becomes 3, giving you an easy advantage in combat.


Black Hole Rising


"I am Hawke, a Black Hole CO."

"Chance is a fickle thing. You never know when it will come your way."

"Sturm, I think it's time for you to go! Black Storm!!!"


"This is the end."


"I give you credit for pushing me this far."

"To be defeated is to lose everything. Are you prepared for that outcome?"

"Victory goes to the better combatant. It's a simple truth."

"Impressive... I will remember your skill!"


"You're not weak--I'm just way too good!

Dual Strike


"You have inspired me to take action."

"You leave me no choice."

"... You did better then I expected."

"Enough! Begone!"

"You are quite a foe."

"Can you stand up to my power?"

Campaign, Pre-Battle

Final Battle

"How ugly. It's like the incarnation of his twisted desire."

(with Lash)

Hawke: "Lash. I'm sorry. I have mistreated you. Had I not strong armed you into this... you would not have been called a traitor. I made excuses. Used you to my own end, so that I could continue to live."

Lash: "Aw, that's OK. Don't worry about it. I wouldn't be doing all this if I didn't like it, ya' know? I'm not an easy chick to push around... I only do what I want to do. And I'm here now because I want to fight with you... So let's fight!


"Sad... You were no match for me."

"There is no chance. My victory was assured."

"Will you sacrifice all? Then perhaps you can win..."


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